How To Add Social Share Button To Blogger

How To Add Social Share Button To Blogger

Social share buttons are very important for websites because we get traffic from social media but many of the benefits of social sharing many new bloggers don’t know how to add social buttons in blogger? But don’t worry in this article I am going to tell you all the information in detail so you can easily understand it. if you read this article till the end then you could easily know How To Add Social Share Button To Blogger.

But first, you need to know why we need to add social media buttons in our blog or websites and whats, it benefits after adding the social buttons.

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why you need to add a social share button

Social share buttons are very important to grow our website visitors because the traffic we get from social media like youtube is organic. the social buttonshelp visitors to share the article instant if they like to share your content with other people.

There are many types of Social share buttons and many people have a question about their mind on this.

  • How to add social media buttons to blogger posts
  • Floating share buttons for blogger
  • Social media follow buttons for blogger
  • Free share buttons for blogger
  • How to add Facebook share button on blogger
This is the question that people asked again and again on social media they couldn’t find the share buttons that really look professional for their blog. but in this article, you find all social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Etc share buttons with one click.

How to add a social share button to Blogger

Adding a social media button is very easy but you need to follow the steps I am going to tell you because we need to add HTML code to our blog.

Follow the Steps

  1. Visit AddThis
  2. Sign Up
  3. Select Floating Shre Buttons
Now you see text Small Sorting By Addthis this is the default setting but you need to click on Selected by you then select the share button you like to view then click on UPDATE Tool.
After clicking on the update tool if you find an HTML code then it’s good but if you don’t find click on the header of the website Tab GET CODE.
Copy the code Now go to your Blogger dashboard click on Theme and then click EDIT HTML.
Now Click CTRL+F and copy the following code </body> Now paste the Addthis HTML code above the </body>  and save the template That’s it your Done you successfully added the Addthis Shre Buttons to your Blog.

NOTE: You can also add another sharing button in pictures like the inline share button, the email pop up Etc. there is no need to add a share button in the post because every blogger template has there inbuilt share buttons but if your vlog template doesn’t have in this case.

Go to add this Select inline share button customize the tools then update the tool and copy and paste the HTML code in the post HTML where you need to show the share button.


I mentioned the easiest way to add a share button in blogger hope your mind is cleared from How To Add Social Share Button To Blogger? I tell you all the details which help you to add the social share button in blogger. Hope you like our content if so please share this article with your friends and family members and helps others to grow up.

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