How To Setup Your Blog | Advance Blogger SEO Settings 2021

How To Setup Your Blog  Advance Blogger SEO Settings 2021

So as you know we are making a course on blogging and in the previous blogging course article, we cover our first topic and which is How To Start a Blog in 2021 Complete Guide For Beginners and we created a blog in WordPress and also in blogging just for free.

know we are learning How To Setup Your Blog | Advance Blogger SEO Settings 2021 if you read this post then you can easily do SEO of your blog and do Basic settings of Blogger that every blogger needs to improve their blog traffic But first if you are new here then you should go back and read the First Blogging course article Mention Below.

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So let’s start the course but you see that everyone talks about the SEO settings of Blogger on YouTube you can found many videos and articles on Google but seriously you need to know what is SEO? so I am going to explain to you about SEO in my words so you can easily Understand.

What is SEO?

SEO is the word which meaning is search engine optimization because in the internet world we really need to boost traffic on over website or YouTube channel by Google advertisement ETC but if we do proper SEO on over website then Google will automatically give us organic traffic for all over the world that’s why if we need to work on the internet we need to know about SEO.
I should make a proper article on SEO and why your blog needs SEO so hope you know a little about SEO what it is.

Advance Blogger SEO Settings 2021

The following steps can help you to do Basic Blogger SEO settings and also helps you to improve your blog traffic. first, you need to open the setting in blogger.

Setting up your blog Title

First, you need to set up your blog title because the title is the main world that people search and came to your website that’s why choose a title that people search’s on google according to your niche and also include your website name in the Title.

Add Description in Blogger

Then you need to add a description to tell people that what product or services you are giving to people also include focus keywords on the description so search engines can easily find your website and give it to the people who like your topic.


If your privacy option is off then you need to on it so your website can easily be visible to the search engines by opening this option your website will know by google because it’s visible in all search engines like google, Bing Etc.

Add subdomain 

if you purchase a subdomain then linked your domain to the blogger and then Enable HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect this is the SSL certificate that gives you free domain from your domain provider Enable then wait 5 minutes and then your SSL certificate is activated.

Add Meta description

The meta description is a little bit different from the description add some focused keywords and services name that you are giving people on your website the maximum number of letters that you can write in the meta description is 150 words.
This step is very important for doing blog SEO setting read carefully before applying

Enable custom robots.txt

if you need to know the Detailed information on what is custom robots.txt? then Find Here
we only tell you about how to add them in your blogger SEO setting.

Follow the steps

  1. Enable custom robots.txt
  2. Copy the code Below

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /label/

Disallow: /tag/

Allow: /


Now where you find 
Add your website name is and paste the code in robots.txt and save it.

Custom robots header tags

After enabling this option you see three options.

  1. Home page tags
  2. Archive and search page tags
  3. Post and page tags
Click on the first option and select ALL and then NO DP
Click on second and select NOINDEX and then NO DP
Click  on third and select ALL and then NO DP
Now save the settings.

Two major blog SEO Settings

  1. Google search console
  2. webmaster Bing

What is Google search console and How to add your Blog

Google search console is a platform by google.
What is Google Search Console read full detail in Wikipedia Click Here?
in the google search console, you need to add your website after adding the website search console bots entered into your website and crawl your all website and pages after crawling the pages the automatically indexed in google and your website gets organic traffic by google.
Bonus Tip: if the google search console does not index your website in google then you can easily index manually by adding your post or pages URL in Google Search Console.

How to add your blog to the Google search console?

you can easily add your blog to the search console by following the steps.
  1. open google search console
  2. Add your website URL 
  3. Then click Add property  
Google search console will automatically verify your property.
Now go to the left corner in the google search console 
Click on Sitemap
then write Sitemap.Xml and Save.
Now doing this step Google search console will automatically index your post when you publish.

Webmaster Bing

webmaster Bing is the same as Google search console but it is another search engine name BING.
Want to read detailed information on what is Webmaster Bing Tools Click here

How to add your blog to Webmaster Bing?

Open webmaster Bing 
sign up with your blogger account that is added to your blogger account webmaster Bing will automatically fetch your website and add in the webmaster Bing.
That’s it Congratulation again you do Advance Blogger SEO Settings


if you are a beginner in the blogger field then you need to add these settings in your blog because without setup your blog and Advanced Blogger SEO Settings you cant get traffic from google.
That’s why every blogger can do SEO settings in their blog after applying this setting it is easy for the search engines to find your blog in search. keep posting continually in blogger and upload 100% unique content. we talk on this topic to Keep learning Keep Blogging.

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