How To Start a Blog in 2021 Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Start a Blog in 2021 Complete Guide For Beginners

Are you looking for an easy guide to start a Blog then Congratulation your done I am going to tell you about How to start a blog website in 2021?

Many people don’t know that how to create a blog account. That’s why They don’t have much knowledge to start their own blog but after reading this full article I guaranteed that you will make your own beautiful blog and be ready to share your knowledge with the world.

Are you ready to become a successful blogger so? Let’s Start

What is a Blog?

In Easy words, a Blog is a platform where you can share your knowledge skills, and stories to the people of the world so they can read and learn or know something new from your content. This can help the world to connect with each other simply.

Let’s start your Blog

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How to start a blog in 2021 Complete Guide

Create your blog by following the easy steps:

  1. Pick your blog name to choose a catchy name (According to your passion)
  2. Purchase Hosting
  3. Install word press
  4. Publish your first post minimum of 700 to (1000)words
  5. Write at least 40 article
  6. Apply for AdSense
  7. Make money from your Blog

You did it that’s it this is the easy step to create your own Blog but wait There are thousands of people who have a question that How do I start a free blog in 2021? 

I know that some people can afford the hosting and purchase basic or premium plans but on the other side, there are many people. which cant afford the hosting but don’t worry I am here to help you.

But first I try to tell you about word press only for those people who want to start a blog in word press. Let’s Start

Follow the easy Guide to create your WordPress Blog.

Pick your blog name

Picking a blogger name is very easy but you need to pick a name that is catchy and easily fined by people and your focus keyword according to your niche is in your blog name.

For Example: if you want to create a blog on Technology topics then the world tech is in your domain name that’s it

Pick your Blog name Click Here

Hosting Plan HOSTINGER

Hostinger is the fastest and budget hosting website. if you are a newbie and new to blogger then I recommend to chose a medium plan in Hostinger. you can easily purchase on the website that you like but you need to purchase good hosting if you want to start blogging as a Carrier.

After purchasing the hosting and domain you need to ENTER on your Cpanel account and install Word Press. After installing customize your website interface that really makes people click on your website Use a free template by word press install it and DONE.

NOW create your first post in word press Continuous publishing pots on your daily basis.

That’s it CONGRATULATION you are ready to make your blog in Word press.

How do I start a free blog in Blogger?

Creating a blog in word press or blogger is different because in word press you need to purchase hosting and other Tools like YOAST SEO Esc and in blogger, you don’t need to purchase anything like domain is the default domain by Blogger but if you have a budget then you can purchase your custom domain. SSL Certificate is free and Hosting for a lifetime is free.

So let’s start a free blog in blogger

What is a blogger?

Blogger is a platform by Google that can give you to share your knowledge with the world by your writing content ideas or stories. Blogger is different from other platforms because bloggers are giving everything free like Domain, Hosting, SSL certificate not for 1 year for lifetime just free.

The second Bonus point of a blogger is you don’t want to purchase any premium template for your blog. You can find a collection of beautiful templates from bloggers just for free and easily customize it.

How to create a blog in Blogger

If you need to create a blog in blogger then go to chrome and search for blogger in Google after searching open the blogger website and sign in to your Email account which you want to create your new blog.

Click Here to create your blog in Blogger

Now follow the following steps

Create a catchy title like I mentioned in the WordPress section.

For Example: if you want to start a food blog then you need to add a Title like this Latest FOOD recipes 2021. See your focus keyword is food and it is added in the title so on the internet when people search food, or recipes your blog is in the world and then people find your blog easily on the internet.

A domain name in Blogger

Like I tell you before blogger has their own default domain name which is when you chose a blogger address.

For Example: if you pick a name like food recipes then the blogger will automatically add their subdomain name like you don’t need to worry because when you own a subdomain in blogger then the blogger subdomain will remove automatically from your blogger.

After doing this step click next and then Add your name that is visible to the search engine and people can see and then save and that’s it your Blog in BLOGGER is ready. Now do your blogger basic setting and you’re done.

Content Writing

After customizing the website Click on Create Post and then write your first article in the blog According to your niche the article must be a minimum of 700 words.

The maximum you need to write because if your content is 100 or 200 words. when you Apply for AdSense you will diffidently get an error of  Valuable Inventory: NO CONTENT but if you have an article of 1000 or 2000 words per article then Bonus point is your article got ranked by Goggle on the top pages of Google search engine and 2nd you got ADSENSE Approval on your first try.

NOTE: I write this article just for helping people. Hope you can now create your own blog in blogging after creating the blog keep uploading the post regularly and share this article and help others.

Make Money Blogging

After doing all steps congratulation you are a blogger Now write content and Publishing your post-Daily update your blog after some time when you see that you are getting good traffic on your website on a daily basis then you can apply for AdSense.

You Easily got AdSense approval and when you are Accepted in AdSense Partner Program and Ads are running on your website you generate revenue for each visitor who visits your website.


Creating a blogger is very easy but you need to do hard work on a daily basis on your website to succeed because when you start a blogger you don’t get paid that’s why you need to choose that topic which you really like and easily work on when you don’t get paid. Work hard Try again One day you can generate passive income from your Blog.

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