How To Write SEO Friendly Content in Your Blog

How To Write SEO Friendly Content in Your Blog

After creating the blog the first problem or you can say the question that in the people mind is How to write SEO friendly article in your blog. Creating a blog is very easy but writing content for a blog is very tough for newbies but don’t worry in this article I am going to tell you about How To Write SEO Friendly Content in Your Blog.

But first, if you don’t have a blog or you want to create a blog then you can find a link below to an article that helps you to easily understand what is blogging? and it helps you to create your own blog within 5 minutes.

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if you want to write SEO friendly article in your blog then first you need to understand What is SEO? and why SEO needs in our Content?

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization in short foam everyone is saying SEO. it is very important in our blogging journey or you can say in the internet world we can’t succeed without SEO. it can help us to improve our content on the search engines so people can easily find our content.

Why SEO needs in our content?

search engine optimization is very important for our article because if we don’t need SEO then our article or content don’t rank in google and other search engine cant find our content and the people which are finding the content like our in search engines could find our article because of low SEO score or we don’t write SEO friendly article in our content.

Now I tell you about SEO in simple words Hope you can easily understand it now I am going to tell you about How To Write SEO Friendly Content in Your Blog in simple steps.

Before creating the post you need to these 2 steps I mention below to write successful SEO-friendly content in your blog.

Think about your content

First, you need to understand that what you are writing and want to tell other people’s think about creative and unique content that really liked by people.

Internet research

After thinking about your content you need to research on the internet so you can easily get ideas about whats people are writing and what should you write so people can come to your website.

After completing these 2 steps you are ready to write a post in your blog.


First, you need to create an intro about your post so people can easily understand what your post is about and what you are going to tell them. so add an intro you can write 3 or 6 lines intro That’s good for SEO friendly posts.

Creat Title

These are the steps if you missed it or you can do wrong then your content could rank on google. because if your post is 100% SEO friendly and on the other side you don’t create SEO friendly article in your post in such cause and results from your article don’t get importance from google because people came to our website by searching website title that’s why always choose unique and SEO friendly website title.

what should do to create SEO friendly title in your blog?

For Example: Use your focus keywords in your blog title.

Heading H1, H2

Do proper SEO and use H1 and H2 headings in your post content so search engine google can easily find your title by heading and gives you such people which like your content.

Main Body

Now in the main body tell people all about your article details what you are talking about you can tell us all the things that are related to your content. The one thing you should remember is that use your focused keywords in your blog post main body after adding them you can Bold the main keywords so they can easily be known as focused words.

Tell the all details step by step so the readers can easily understand your purpose of posting.

Add interlinking for SEO

This step is very important for SEO to Tell people about your content by adding internal linking. in every blog you can see labels and categories vise posts so if you have categories related articles soo add internal linking from another website that is related to your content.

Write Long Articles

If you want to rank your article in Google then you need to write long articles in your blog the more long article the more chance to rank in google. but in the minimum words, you need to write at least 1000+ words in your article post.

Bonus Tip: if you want to rank in the Top 10 then follow my bonus tip. search your blog niche-related topic in the google you can see the top 10 articles in such topic open the article which you want. Now read the article see How he write the article now count the words in their posts.

For Example: if they write 2000 words article. then you need to write at least 3000 to 4000 words article to beat them. after writing the article publish them in 2 days you can see your article in Google Top 10.

Add Conclusion

At the end of your post tell people about your post the detail and know to tell people about your post so they can easily know what’s your opinion and comments on your own posts. this can helps your visitors a lot and helps you to make your visitor visits your website back and that’s the secret to getting organic traffic from google.


The steps that I mention in this post is very helpful and you can easily use to write SEO friendly article in your website all the way that I mention I personally use them to and getting good traffic from google. Today we learn about How To Write SEO Friendly Content in Your Blog. Hope this article helps you a lot if you like the make sure to share it with your friends.

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