Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Do you know that there are many free tools like Best Chrome extensions For Bloggers on the internet that really help you to succeed in your blogging career? There are many tools for blogging on the internet but most are paid and in WordPress, you can find all the facilities because of their premium support.

If you are using WordPress or blogger doesn’t matter because these Chrome extensions will help and work in both platforms but especially for bloggers because many peoples don’t afford to host so they can use WordPress there for they start on blogger for free that’s why these free Chrome extensions will help them very much.

In this article I am going to tell you some Best Chrome extensions For Bloggers so must read this article till the end so you can know how chrome extensions will work and helps you in blogging.

Top 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

There are millions of Chrome extensions on chrome webs store and they work on the specific category where they design for but the extensions I am going to tell you are the Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.
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Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder will help you a lot when we write an article in our blog because if we need to write SEO friendly article in our blog then we need to use images in our blog post so they can rank in google, therefore, Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder help you to take a screenshot by clicking the extension you can take screenshot in specific areas full pages and also record your computer screen.

Word Counter Plus

Word Counter Plus is the Best Chrome extension that helps you how you are writing an article. the biggest problems are that you don’t know how much word you write in your article and how much you need to write so your article rank in google that’s why Word Counter Plus is the bonus point for blogger because if you enable this extension in chrome you can count your article word.
after enabling the extension when you write an article select all words now press the right button of your mouse and there you can see the option Word Counter Plus click on it and you can see how many words and characters you write in your post.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is most using chrome extension on the internet for correcting words helping to choose good works that people really like to read and it also helps you to improve your the English language.
so I recommend you to use this Grammarly for Chrome free extension so you can better understand your article words and if there is a mistake in your words then Grammarly will help you to correct your words automatically Sign up in Grammarly for Chrome and keep using these free extensions.

SimilarWeb Chrome Extensions

SimilarWeb is a free Traffic Rank & Website Analysis website chrome extension that really helps you to check your rank traffic and tell you where you are getting traffic and what is your rank in the specific country use the free SimilarWeb and check Traffic Rank & Website Analysis.


MozBar is a free chrome extension that helps you to check your website DA(domain authority) and PA(page authority) so you can easily know about your website this can also help you to check how you are working on your website on the other side when you sign up in MozBar you can see other free SEO Tools that really help you to improve your website ranking.


So that’s the article where I try to tell you about the Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers that will really helpful for you in blogging I Hope you can understand all of the focus points that I try to tell you Highly recommend using these Best Chrome Extensions because I am using too.

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