Compress image Online SEO Tools For image Optimization

Compress image Online SEO Tools For image Optimization

Do you know that What is image optimization? Today I am going to talk about this topic because many bloggers don’t know that the picture they are uploading in their blog article is important to rank their website on google. Compress image Online SEO Tools For image Optimization is very important before publishing an article on your website.

What is image optimization?

image optimization is very important to grow your blogging career its also helpful to rank your post in google search engine and if your one post rank in google then day by day your all website takes a ranking place in google.

image optimization can also help you to optimize images for web and performance. the people that start blogging in 2021 they really don’t know that these little thing image optimization can reduce or rank their website performance. 

but you don’t need to worry about the above I tell you details about what is image optimization? and how image optimization can help us to optimize websites. Now let’s talk about whats the right image format use and how to Compress Image Online?

Choose the best format

There are only three formats of pictures. you can use the format you want but I am going to prefer only one format to use in the image.

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

i recommend choosing only JPEG file formats because you can customize the picture size easily in JPEG format you can also reduce or balance the image size.

How to Compress Image Online?

you can easily Compress image Online SEO Tools For image Optimization basically image optimization is SEO search engine optimization. if you want to rank in google then you want to do SEO no matters it is on-page SEO, off-page SEO. you can do image SEO by following the simple and easy steps that I am going to mention below.
First, you need a free copyright image so you can upload it on your blog post without any copyright strike. Click here for Free copyright images.
Ok after finding the best free image for your blog content then you need to download the image and open it on your pc Now rename the image name with the post title that you need to add a picture in the article. after doing these steps then you need to resize your image so after uploading the image on your website your blog page speed doesn’t decrease and your website loads fast.

What is toolur?

toolur is a website that can compress or reduce your image size. toolur is the most used website in the world for image optimization. in toolur you can also find many other tools like GIF make Etc. you can also use other tools if you like but mostly it is an image resizer and optimizer tool.

How to use toolur?

Using the image compressor tooler is very easy but you need to know the right way to use the toolur image compressor.
Follow the easy steps
  • Open toolur
  • Click upload images
  • Choose an image you want to compress
  • Set the image quality to 30% to 50%
  • Click compress.
After doing the above steps you have done and the image is now compressed and optimized. you can also be optimized as many pictures as you can this tool is 100% free. 


in this article, I share your way so you can Compress image Online SEO Tools For image Optimization. it can really help you to optimize your page speed. I highly recommend you to use this website so you can take benefits from these tools in your blogging career.

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