Google AdSense Alternatives NO Approval Need

Google AdSense Alternatives NO Approval Need

If your website is rejected by Adsense or your AdSense is terminated by policy violation do not worry because I am going to tell you to google Adsense alternatives which help you to earn money from Ad network easily with No approval. 

Creating a website is easy but getting Google Adsense approval is very tough. There are many peoples who Apply for AdSense and in the response of Adsense they get many issues like Website is not ready to show ads because of policy violation, scrapped content or you have other problems with your website.

Now I am going to start the article where you can learn Google AdSense Alternatives NO Approval Need. This alternative will help you a lot of let’s talk about it.

What is the best alternative to AdSense?

There are many AdSense alternatives on the internet but there are many problems to join them because someone if is rejected by Adsense then they need to monetize their website with Adsense alternatives but the problem is many people don’t get approval in alternatives so they are sad and quit their blogging journey.
This article is for those people which are rejected by Adsense again and again The Google AdSense Alternatives that I am going to tell you the most beneficial point of alternative is you don’t need to wait to get approval to run add on your website.

Why we need Adsense Approval?

There are millions of people in the globe who are using AdSense to monetize their content or video basically AdSense will use it to monetize only two platforms on the internet and that is youtube and website. people are using AdSense so they can get revenue on their content.

There are millions of other AdSense alternatives that really pay you when you use their platform but Adsense is the most popular in the world because it can pay you more than you think that’s why millions of people are using Adsense.
Now I am going to mention some most popular AdSense alternatives that pay you for your content Because there are many peoples who can’t get AdSense approval because of policy violations or other problems in these conditions they need to monetize their traffic with other Adsense alternatives.

Media.Net is the most popular Adsense alternatives because it can pay you high revenue. is used by thousands of people the people which don’t get Adsense approval then differently they have a choice to monetize their blog with
Note: is only used to monetize blog traffic it cants use in other platforms like youtube because youtube is the product of Google and that’s why you only use Adsense to monetize your youtube videos.
If your blog is not approving in that cause you don’t need to worry you can easily use these Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog.
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a-ads Ad network

The a-ads network is the Google AdSense Alternatives network website which helps you to monetize your content on WordPress or blogger with No need for approval to create an ad unit or surf ad you only need an account on the a-ads network to get started.
Now I am going to tell you how to create an account on the a-ads network so you can monetize your website instantly and earn money with your content.

How to get started in a-ads network

Follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Open website a-ads Network
  • Create account 
  • Sign Up
  • Add your Email
Then click SUBMIT.
After submitting your email you received a password from a-ads network Now Copy the password and paste it in the website password bar don’t forget to add your email and then sign in to the website.
Now you see the many options now click on Create AD Unit and then paste your website URL where you would like to place the ad and then see all detail tick the AD option that you really like to appear on the website and the click adds.
Now you get a CODE Copy the code and place it on pages of your blogger or WordPress where you like to see AD. dong the steps I, mentioned above your website is ready to show ads and you have done.

Payment methods

There is only one payment method in a-ads network and that is bitcoin you can withdraw your earning amount in the only bitcoin on your blockchain or coinbase account minimum withdraw is 0.001 BTC and the minimum withdrawal in is 0.00015 BTC.


The Google AdSense Alternatives website that I mentioned is 100% secure and safe to use. you can easily Apply ads on your website without approval. there are many Google AdSense Alternatives but after using this tool you will be very happy to join it because you can easily earn Bitcoin by your content.

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