How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts

How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts

Today I am going to tell you How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts because day by day competition on the internet is getting very tough and the top-earning platform like youtube Etc are creating new things to give the users a new chance so they can earn money by entertaining.

What is youtube shorts?

Youtube short is the new feature from youtube which helps you to create a short video on youtube so you can get more views from your short content. you know that on the internet the most using app in the world where you can make shorts video is TIKTOK but know in TikTok competitor youtube launched youtube shorts

You know that Youtube is the biggest platform where millions of creates are sharing their knowledge to help others and by sharing their content they are getting paid by every user that is watching their youtube videos.

My point is youtube launched a new feature on youtube that is called youtube shorts. this feature has been launched many times ago in specific countries where people can use youtube shortly and give them feedback and then the youtube company can modify the feature according to the people’s feedback choice.

Now all thing is set in youtube shorts and CONGRATULATION to Pakistanis because a few days ago youtube has launched their new feature youtube shorts in Pakistan, therefore, the people of Pakistan now can make shorts video by using youtube shorts.

Can we earn money from YouTube shorts?

Yes! you can earn money from youtube shorts but there are some techniques and ways by following them you can easily earn money from youtube shorts.
For now, if you have a fan following on any social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, especially youtube then youtube shorts is for you and differently, you can earn passive income by your shorts video.
Let a quick look at how you can earn money with youtube shorts.
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  • Membership
  • Influencer
  • Promote your channel
Day by day you can see the latest way on youtube shorts so you can earn some extra income but the methods I mentioned above are the best methods to earn more and passive income by creating youtube shorts. the fourth one is my favorite let explain a little bit about promoting your channel by creating a youtube video in youtube shorts.

Promote your channel in youtube shorts

Many people are don’t know that they can promote their own youtube channel with the help of youtube shorts it can help you a lot because in youtube videos people don’t watch the full video and on average people don’t like long videos people wants the all stories in your 30 seconds video.
The above lines are for new creators because the old youtube creators have a fan following in that cause people are watching their 10 min to 10 hours video with patience but for new creators, it’s very tough and difficult to get watch time and subscribers but for solving this problem you can use youtube shorts.
Make a small video and you get millions of views in youtube shorts and you can also get thousands of subscribers and when you get subscribers you also get watch time and this is the best thing to promote your youtube channel with the help of youtube shorts.


This is the best way to promote your youtube channel because it’s free and you can earn passive income by this method hope you can know to get that How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts and how youtube shorts are helpful to promote your youtube channel. if you enjoy this and learn something make sure to share it with your friends and help others.

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