How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger Approval Trick 2021

How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger Approval Trick 2021

If you have a blog then you have a question on your mind that How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger 2021? you have purchased hosting on WordPress and buy a domain. 

it doesn’t matter you are using WordPress or blogger after creating the blog you just publishing your article and doing hardworking but if you don’t get Adsense approval then you will be very demotivated but don’t worry about this article I am going to tell you the fastest way to get AdSense approval on Blogger?

Before we need to start our article first we need to understand some Points and Follow the Tips and tricks that we need to get approved for our blog by AdSense.

AdSense requirements for blogger

if you need to approve your blog then you need to follow the Adsense requirements.

Buy a custom domain

You need to buy a custom domain for your blog if you want to get your AdSense approved if you are using Blogger free Domain Then you need to wait at least 6 months to get AdSense Approval. The bonus point of buying a custom domain is you get more traffic than free using a domain that is free from bloggers and more traffic means more earning that’s why I recommend you to go with a custom domain.

Add Pages in Blog

Pages are very important for your blogger. there are millions of websites with millions of daily traffic you can see all the website has About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions and Disclaimer in About Us page you need to add info about you or you can add the detail of your website that whats your website is about to Etc.
You can generate the other pages I will make an article on this Soon.

Use a Clean Template

After adding the custom domain and pages in your blog then you need to add a Mobile-friendly template for your blog Apply them to your blog and then customize it and make your blog like a professional website. if your blog template is not Mobile Friendly then there is no chance to get Adsense approval. The more your website is clean and professional the more chances you get Adsense approval.
You can find many free templates from bloggers in different categories but if you don’t like the free templates you can purchase, or use thousands of Blogger Templates 2021, New Top Best, Free Blogger Templates in gooyaabitemplates. 

Write Article

After setting up your blog write an article for your blog write 100% Unique content and use No copyright picture, in easy words before getting AdSense approved to create and make your own picture but after getting approved by AdSense you can use copyright images but you need to customize it before using.
There are many people that have a question on their mind is How many articles need to get AdSense approval? Now I am going to tell you the right answer that really helps you to Got your Adsense approved.
Before getting Adsense approval you need to write at least 20 articles with a minimum of 1000+ words and which is clean and unique and you also use proper headings in it.

Fake Traffic

when you sign up your website to AdSense you can find a Policy foam from Adsense Team read them carefully and Apply the same policy before applying to AdSense one of the major policies is You Must Not Circulate Fake Traffic from other paid sources like paid software Etc.
Because Google needs the real visitor that really interests in your Content because if get paid traffic from other sources then Google will not give you AdSense approval it will Terminate your Adsense account and you cannot create Adsense on your blog again so be careful.
After applying the google privacy policy that is very important to get AdSense approval you need to check your all website.

How to Check your website before applying Adsense

you need to check the following things before applying to the AdSense partner program.
customize your template professionally
customize your menu
check the menu tab has a proper link on it and it shall be not empty.
at least 20+ articles with a minimum of 1000+ words
all the pages About US, Contact Us Etc.
That’s it if all the following steps are done then you need to apply to Adsense.

How to apply for Adsense

Go to Adsense’s official website and sign up with your Google account after sign up log in and fill in the all details that Adsense needs from you. remember to give Adsense a real address where you receive your AdSense activation pin, After giving all detail click DONE.
Now in the final step Adsense gives you a code for your website you need to put that code in your blog template open HTML now paste the code below in the head tag and save the template now you’re done.
Now if you are lucky then AdSense will be approved in 4 to 10 hours otherwise you need to wait at least 2 weeks to get a proper answer from the Adsense team.
NOTE: Getting your blog doesn’t give you revenue if you are not getting organic traffic. if your blog is approved by Adsense and you are getting traffic only from your sharing or from friends and family then it cant help you to grow your blog. 
According to my opinion the advice for new and old blogger ios don’t need to focus on money, Revenue, Adsense Etc focus on traffic focus on how to get traffic for your blog and then apply for Adsense.


in this article, you get the proper details about How To Get Adsense Approval For Blogger 2021 the detail I mention is very easy to know I Hope you can get the point that I am telling in this post.
if you follow the steps I mentioned then I guaranteed you can get Adsense approval for blogger.
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