How To increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

How To increase Organic Traffic to Your Site

I found many questions on the internet is that How To Increase Organic Traffic to Your Site? you can find many articles on the internet where you can find the question on this topic but in this article, I am going to tell you about how to increase blog traffic fast.  tell you some tips and tricks if you follow and implement these tips on your website then you can get millions of traffic on your website.

But first, you need to know that why we need traffic? because if you need to know something then you need to know all details on the following topic that you need to learn
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Why is website traffic important

Website traffic is important to grow your online business, blog without traffic you can’t grow your website in the other way if your blog looks professional but you can getting organic traffic then you cant generate revenue from your blog. you need to do proper work to increase your blog traffic.
There are many bloggers that are saying How do I promote my blog organically? or they have a different question on their minds.

Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic

you can get traffic from sharing telling your friends and family to visit your website but I am going to tell you the Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website the methods I am going to tell you it’s very effective and if you follow my methods then you get millions of traffic daily.


you can get millions of traffic from Facebook because there are billions of users are using Facebook daily and thousands of people are getting traffic daily from Facebook. what you need to do get traffic from Facebook. you need to do these steps to get traffic from Facebook.
  • Create a group
  • Join other Facebook group
  • Share your website article link
After creating the group you need to add your friends and family to your group. you need to join all the group on Facebook which is related to your website niche or topic. so when you publish any post on your blog share it in the Facebook groups immediately. this is the best way to get traffic from Facebook. the more groups you join the more chance to increase your blog traffic and if the traffic increase you get more revenue.


Youtube is the biggest source of internet platform where you get millions of organic traffic for your website. the traffic which came to youtube is 100% unique and organic that’s why Adsense gives you a good amount of ad revenue from this traffic.
Follow the steps, Bellow.
  • Create a channel
  • Make a video
  • Add link in video Description

NOTE: Don’t share too many links in Facebook groups. you just only post links when you make an article for your blog after publishing share your article link in blogger.
Create your channel on youtube and then make a video which you like or you can make videos on your website topics this will help you a lot and you get 2 benefits. if you make a video according to your niche or passion after creating the video you are adding your blog link in the description. it will help you to grow your traffic and your youtube channel too.


Pinterest is the biggest website where you can get millions of traffic for your blog. According to my opinion, youtube and pi interest have a difference that you need to understand. if you have millions of subscribers on youtube then you normally get 3ook to 700k views on your youtube videos but on Pinterest, if you have 25k followers then you get 15millions to 30million traffic monthly.
I don’t know why this is happening but if you work properly on Pinterest you will increase organic monthly traffic.

How to get traffic from Pinterest

You can easily increase traffic through Pinterest following these easy steps.
  • Create Account
  • Follow others
  • Share your post on Pinterest
remembered the article which you like to share on Pinterest you need to add a board before sharing then create a pin it’s also the same as categories. add Title, Description, and Destination URL where your visitors can visit your article. Create your own image you can also use your article image but if you add your own created image it will be good for users to understand better.


Medium is the same as a blogger. you can get good traffic for medium too because millions of people using medium and sharing their knowledge and linking their website URLs in it and getting millions of traffic from the medium.

How to get traffic from medium

you need to create a blog on medium before starting. after creating write an article in the medium that can tell some basic things that in your website article after writing some lines add your article link in the text read more in the blogger footer you need to add this text in blogger footer by yourself. 
Because you can find all the editing tools in a medium that you use in blogger after creating your article publish it and when someone reads your article if they are interested it in then the can click on your website link and if they visit your website you have 100% chance that they can visit your other posts too.


Quora is the biggest platform on the internet where you can question anything you want and then other people will answer you can solve your problem and that’s why it will help us to give traffic from answering other people.

How to get more traffic to your blog with Quora

Create an account on Quora and set up your profile fill in your all details including your education after completing your all profile search for questions that you need to answer.
For Example: if your website topic is blogging then you need to search all questions on blogging like this what is blogging? you find many questions on this topic select one of them then answer the question by adding your blogging post some lines or you can answer your own and in the footer add the article link which tells the how to create a blog?
That’s it! when someone finds your answers they will go to your website and in this case, you get traffic.


This is the easiest and most effective way which gives you the real and organic traffic in millions on your website if you apply these methods to your website then you get organic traffic to your blog. hope you love our article if you have any question you can ask us in our social platforms or you can comment us below.

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