Keyword Research Tool 2021 For Blogger

Free Keyword Research Tool 2021 For Blogger

Do you know that without keyword research you cant write an SEO friendly article and your article don’t rank in google because you don’t think before article write and you don’t do proper keyword research but it ok today I am going to tell you Free Keyword Research Tool 2021 For Blogger?

This tool will help you to find low competition keywords that are really important for your article because if you add focus keywords in your article Title, Tags and description then as result your article will rank in Google top pages and that will be very good for your website.

Now I am going to tell you the Free keywords research tool or you can say it is a free chrome extension that will help you to check your focus keywords and give you the all detail about your keywords.

How Keywords work?

The keyword is a very important factor to grow your blog because without keywords your blog is nothing and if you don’t work on the keyword that are people searching for the result you cat get google AdSense approval because google needs the content that people are searching on the internet and interested in reading.
After knowing the short details I am going to tell you about keyword surfer free chrome extension which can help you to give all results according to your keyword.

Keyword surfer

keyword surfer is a chrome extension and a tool that helps you to give you the keywords that real people are searching on the internet and the bonus point of keyword surfer is it can give you the result about monthly search volumes, CPC and if you want to rank your article in a specific country then you can select the country and keyword surfer suggest you all the keywords that are ranking in the country.

Keyword surfer Bonus point

There are many keywords researcher tools on the internet but many tools are paid and the free tools don’t give proper information about keywords if you have a budget then you should use Other paid tools like Ahref, Same rush Etc. 
No need to worry about it because this tool is free. how to add keyword surfer extension and use the keyword-free tool. Let me tell you How!
Add Keyword surfer chrome extension then add clip it in the chrome extensions bar then open google and write your keyword that you want to target then search you can see your country flag in the search bar and CPC, search volume. On the right side, you can see the keyword that the keyword surfer is suggesting you now you can use these keywords in your blog post.


In this article, I try to tell you about Free Keyword Research Tool 2021 For Blogger. I tell you about the use of keywords and why the keywords are important for our blog content I hope you can understand. Now keep searching your keywords and using them in your blog content.
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