Top 10 Best Blogging Apps Used By Bloggers

Top 10 best Blogging Apps Used By Bloggers

Today I am going to tell you about the Top 10 Best Blogging Apps Used By Bloggers. There are millions of bloggers that are using the Top 10 best Blogging Apps on their Mobile to make their blogging easier. 

if you used these apps on your mobile then your blogging journey will be very easy and you can easily do your blog settings, no matter if it’s a basic setting or HTML Setting you can do on your mobile.

Doing blogging from a computer is very easy because can use many Chrome Extensions to make blogging easier and if you are doing HTML or Coding in blogger then you can see all the things on a big screen. 
But in this world, not everyone can afford a PC but everyone has an Android Mobile Phone. That is why I am going to tell you some apps that can help you to make easier your blogging.

Top 10 Best Blogging Apps Used By Bloggers

Here I am going to mention some Blogging mobile app which can make easy your blogging remember there are not only 10 Apps on the internet that is best for blogging there are many apps but I am going to tell you some main Apps.

Blogging or WordPress app

If you are a blogger and doing all your blogging on a smartphone then you need this app because on PC we open blogger website in desktop mode but on mobile, if we open desktop mode then all things are small and we can’t write the blog post clearly that’s why we need to use the Blogger app to make blogging easier.

HTML Code Edittor

The HTML code editor is an app where you can write the HTML language in a very easy layout and save and use them on your website that’s why we need this app in mobile blogging because in the blog we need to add Google Analytics code and other HTML codes in blog template HTML in computer.
it’s very easy to do but in mobile we can do but the problem is small screen size and small words of brackets and others that’s why we can’t edit HTML in mobile if you want to edit in mobile you need HTML Editor App.
You can edit your HTML you can find the words that you need in HTML in one tap after editing the template click save a copy the edited template and then go to your blog template Edit HTML select all and paste the edited template and save it.

Goggle Keyboard 

Many people are using the keyboard that they like but if you are a blogger then you need to use the Google Keyboard because google keyboard gives you correct spelling and suggest you all the words that are related to your Word that the benefits like if you want to write spelling then when you write the word S then google will Automatically suggest you all the words that are related.


Writing an article for your blog on mobile is very difficult than writing on a computer that’s why we need this app to write a post on our mobile for a blogger you need to download Notepad App then easily write your blog post.


Picsart is a mobile picture editing app that gives you access to make a logo for your business and edit pictures that you want that’s why we really need this app to do blogging because in the blog we don’t need to use any copyright image if we use we get a copyright strike. 
We need unique images to get our website approved by Adsense.

How to edit pictures in picsart

Download the app Piscart in blogger then select the picture you need to edit or you can create your own picture select (1280×720) size it is a good size then edit them with your blog post title text and add some free copyright images and you’re done.

Google Analytics

Google analytic is a tool by Google that gives you information about your website and gives you all the details about the real-time viewer and what your viewer likes and where are you getting the traffic for your website that’s why this Google Analytics will help you a lot in blogging.

Grammarly App

Grammarly is a website and app and on the computer, you can find chrome extension that will really help you in writing article because many people don’t have their grammar good and they can make many mistakes in writing their article in the blog there for if you have this app in your mobile then it will automatically correct your all mistake including Noun, pronoun, verbs, and grammar.
Grammarly App will also help you to correct your English language and grammar and in this, cause you’re On-page SEO will not affect your article will rank on Google.

Photo compressor app

Photo compressor app is best for mobile bloggers because if you upload an image in your blog post which has a big size like 3 to 5 MB.
it will give you a side effect after publishing your post and that is your website HTML size is big and in this condition, your website speed will affect and when your website speed is too slow then the visitor doesn’t use your website.
Download the app that compresses the images or you can use the website’s tools that really help you to reduce your image size.

Google Drive

Google Drive can help you a lot in blogger because you can save spreadsheets, Excel, word, Audio-video and your sensitive documents google drive will give you access to save your projects in blogger that why if you need to save your blog article then you need can save in Google drive and re-edit again when you want to post.


In this article, I tell you the Top 10 best Blogging Apps Used By Bloggers you need to use this app if you want to succeed in blogger because not everyone has a PC and you don’t believe but blogging is easy on mobile than Pc but you only need to have some apps that can make your blogging easier.

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