Step by step instructions to Reduce Video File Size with Intact Quality


Many individuals have issues when they need to transfer, share or send recordings due to the enormous video document size. Valid, these days the video quality improves. Nonetheless, its size expands too. Stage like email and web-based media locales have certain impediment towards video size. So how we can pack video for simple transferring and sharing? 

Subsequent to testing so many video blowers, here comes the best pick of us: WinX Video Converter. It is a simple and quick instrument to pack and change over video, accomplishing the harmony between video size, quality and preparing speed. In this article we will acquaint how with diminish video record size with it. Be that as it may, first we view normal errors individuals will make in contracting video. 

How You’d Better Not Respond While Resizing Video 

Video record size can be influenced by these components: bit rate, video codec, goal, outline rate and video span. A few clients believe that the piece rate implies the measure of information moved each seconds, so why not straightforwardly change the piece rate to decrease video size? Without a doubt, you can do this, however provided that it’s brought down with sensible scale. An excessive amount of decrease of the piece rate might leave the video unwatchable. 

The other normal error is to change the video design for a more modest size of video. In any case, we should realize that the arrangement is only the holder of video and it doesn’t affect video size. It is just with regards to how video is pressed. All things being equal, video codec decides how huge the video record is, and the accompanying will show you how you can resize a video document effectively by changing the video codec. 

Winx Video Converter: The Best Video Compressing and Converting Tool 

Packing video is easy as long as you find support from the right video resizer. How about we look at the fundamental elements of WinX Video converter: 

Quality. It can change over and pack video with unblemished quality. 

Speed. Its level-3 equipment speed increase makes the video preparing 47X constant quicker. 

Size. It decreases video size by more than 90% for simple offer and capacity. 

Various organizations. With 370+ data sources and 420+ yields, it changes over and measures film in practically any configuration. 

Alter. It additionally offers the capacity of managing, editing and adding captions, and so on 

The most effective method to Reduce Video Size with No Quality Loss 

Stage 1: Click +Video to stack your document or effectively drag the record to its interface. 

Stage 2: Choose a yield design from the Output Profile. You can pick an arrangement with further developed codec for more modest video record size. For instance, assuming the codec of your unique video is H.264, you can pick an arrangement with H.265 of a higher pressure rate. 

Stage 3: Adjust the boundary as you need 

Stage 4: Click the alter to trim the picture or cut out the undesirable pieces of the video. What’s more, hit the RUN button to get everything rolling. 


Enormous video record size is very irritating when you email it to your companions or customers. While Uploading and sharing video to web-based media locales, it is impossible if its size is past their size restriction. Besides, there likewise a few issues like transferring mistake and extensive stand by. With WinX Video Converter, these can be prevailed. It offers the best use experience of all time.

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