Top 11 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2021


Top 11 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2021

Is it true that you are overpowered by the huge number of modules that WordPress offers and not certain with regards to which modules you should utilize? 

There are 58,000+ modules for WordPress site, and it very well may be hard to choose which modules to utilize. In this colossal number, there are likewise different specialty explicit modules. 

There are, in any case, numerous modules that each site should utilize. In this article we will check out the Best 11 most significant modules for your WordPress site. In any case, before that, how about we plainly characterize the importance of the term ‘WordPress module’. 

What is a WordPress Module? 

WordPress Modules are pieces of programming (instruments) that contain usefulness that you can add to your WordPress site. They can likewise be utilized to improve/extend the current usefulness of your WordPress site. 

WordPress modules permit you to add another capacity to your WordPress site without composing or altering code. Assuming you need to add another component/capacity to your site, there is most likely a module for that whether it identifies with Online business, Search engine optimization, Plan highlights, web-based media, or security. There are various modules for everything. 

Presently we should view the Main 11 urgent modules for a WordPress site: 

Top 11 Must-have Modules for your WordPress site in 2021 

1. Yoast Website optimization 

Web search tools are awesome to drive natural traffic. Consistently, Google handles in excess of 9 billion pursuits. The natural traffic that you get depends on the Search engine optimization of your site. 

Yoast Web optimization is the most well known Web optimization apparatus for WordPress sites, and beginning around 2008 it has helped a great many sites to rank higher in the web search tool results. 

Key Components: 

Helps in finding and adding the right catchphrases to your site to work on the positioning, ordering, and reach of your site. 

Shows the advanced level of your site and can further develop it with ideas. 

The intelligibility check helps you in working on the nature of your substance. 


Yoast Search engine optimization offers a base form for nothing. Yoast additionally furnishes an exceptional variant that accompanies progressed components and backing. The valuing starts at $89/year. 

2. WPForms 

Each site needs a contact structure so guests can undoubtedly reach you straightforwardly. It is a significant piece of your site since this is the place where a guest can be changed over into a lead/customer. 

The intuitive component of the module permits you to handily make contact structures, installment structures, online membership structures, online request structures, and whatever other structure that you need. 

Key Provisions: 

Production of interesting structures free of charge. 

Coordination with different installment stages to assemble the ideal structure in under 5 minutes. 

Pre-fabricated formats to assemble your structure rapidly. 


WPForm offers a free form and furthermore a superior form that accompanies different formats and combinations. Estimating for the top notch form begins from $ 39.50/year. 

3. UpdraftPlus 

UpdraftPlus is a reinforcement module that offers programmed and manual reinforcements for WordPress locales. 

All things considered, 30,000 sites get hacked every day. Also, module updates can cause accidents and mistakes. On occasions such as this, a reinforcement can set aside you time and cash. All WordPress sites ought to have a reinforcement methodology. 

Key Components: 

Programmed and manual reinforcements according to your prerequisite. 

Simple rebuilding of your site to a past rendition. 

Neighborhood just as cloud reinforcement. 


UpdraftPlus offers a free, just as an exceptional rendition which is valued at $42 each year and up. 

4. Elementor 

Elementor is a site planning apparatus that you can use to create your page with alluring and engaging unique plans. The module permits you to make appealing plans and give great impacts without burning through cash on visual architects. 

Key Elements: 

Customization of your site dependent on your inclination and taste. 

Impacts like foundation overlays, drift impacts, activitys, and a lot more with simply simplified. 

150+ formats to improve your site into a lovely show-stopper. 


The Elementor module is free for use, however a genius form is likewise accessible which gives more elements and benfits. The exceptional form costs $49/year and up. 

5. Consistent Contact 

How would you interface with your clients when they have left your site? Email is most generally utilized for client contact. 

Consistent Contact is a showcasing apparatus module that permits you to make an email rundown and afterward send significant and compelling pamphlets to the clients. 

Key Provisions: 

An extremely valuable email showcasing device. 

Simple and speedy set-up for even non-tech clients. 

Easy making of email records. 


The Consistent Contact estimating plan starts at $20/month. 

6. Wordfence Security 

Practically 30% of all sites are fueled by WordPress and, therefore, it has become quite possibly the most regularly hacked platform. The Wordfence security module can assist with protecting you from programmers. 

The module can set up a firewall, perform customary security checks, and help dispose of malware. 

Key Provisions: 

Gives total security to your site. 

Works in autopilot mode. 

Assists with obstructing great many assaults each month. 


It offers a free form and furthermore a top notch form that costs $99 per permit and up. 

7. Optimole 

Did you realize that if your site requires over 3 seconds to stack, you will lose half of your guests? As a rule, they won’t visit your site once more. 

Pictures set aside more effort to stack, and thusly they can expand your site’s stacking time. You don’t need your site’s substance to kill your site’s stacking speed. In such a case, streamlining pictures can assist you with further developing your site’s stacking velocity, and Optimole helps you by doing this. 

Key Provisions: 

Consequently packs graphical substance. 

Streamlines PNG and JPEG pictures. 

Helps in resizing pictures transferred to your site. 


The Module can be utilized free of charge up to 5,000 guests per month. From that point onward, you can utilize the exceptional adaptation for $22.52 each month. 

8. Restore Old Post 

The most utilized portable application class is online media applications. Individuals utilize web-based media applications consistently, and they go through hours on these applications. In this way the best spot to target them is via online media stages. 

The ideal module for this is the Restore old post module which can carry more traffic to your site by taking your site’s old and new distributions and sharing them on Twitter and Facebook. 

Key Components: 

Auto sharing of your site’s new and old articles on FB and Twitter. 

Drive more traffic to your site 

Helps in booking web-based media posts. 


Restore Old Post offers a free form or you can settle on the top notch variant which has more provisions. Premium rendition valuing begins at $88.50/year. 

9. Cheeky Social Offer 

Have you seen different online media buttons when you read articles or when you are on a site? These little online media buttons permit you to easily share the substance of a site/page via web-based media stages. 

Cheeky Social Offer module permits you to add these web-based media buttons to your site with the goal that guests can undoubtedly share your substance. 

Key Elements

Offers sharing buttons for every one of the broadly utilized online media stages. 

Showcases the current offer counts for each page. 

Permits you to pick and redo button styles. 


You can pick the free form with fundamental functionalities, or you can select the top notch form that accompanies different additional items and is estimated at $7.99 and up. 

10. Treat Notice and Consistence for GDPR/CCPA 

Do you get a treat notice/spring up when you visit another site? This is required for different nations under their laws and guidelines for information security. 

You can empower treat notices for your site utilizing the Treat Notice and Consistence for GDPR/CCPA module. 

Key Elements: 

Features the treat notice to all guests. 

Gives a notification format or permits you to compose your own treat notice. 

Empowers guests to actually look at the treat settings of your site. 


Treat Notice and Consistence for GDPR/CCPA is a free module. 

11. WP Rocket 

WP Rocket is a module that will diminish your site’s heap time and speed up. It is a store module that makes a powerful reserve of your site pages so the server can without much of a stretch and right away burden them, bringing about quicker stacking speeds. 

Having a quicker site straightforwardly affects your site’s UX. 

Key Provisions: 

Makes reserve of your site’s progressively created pages 

Helps load pages quicker 

Further develops the client experience of your site. 


WP Rocket’s exceptional variant estimating begins at $49/year. 


This summarizes our picks of the Best 11 urgent modules for your WordPress site. We trust you track down some fascinating modules in this rundown and that it assists you with choosing which modules to utilize. 

On the off chance that we missed any must-have WordPress modules that you think ought to be in this rundown, do tell us in the remark area.

Top 11 Must-have Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2021.

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