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The program WhatsApp may be used to both chat and make phone calls. Because of how simple and straightforward it is to use, virtually everyone makes use of it. Creating an account is as easy as entering your phone number into the appropriate field. The WhatsApp that is used by AG Whatsapp is a customized variant of the original software. Note that the most recent version of WhatsApp is called AG2, so avoid getting confused. Both of these refer to the same thing.

AG WhatsApp
Ag Whatsapp

As you may already be aware, quite a few people make use of WhatsApp. In addition, the vast majority of them run a customized version of this application. The reason for doing this is because the customized versions have a great deal more to offer than the software that is installed by default.

These altered versions of Whatsapp are released into the wild by various developers under a variety of different names. The app developed by Toady is not distinguishable from any of the other modified versions. Within this application, you have the freedom to select the User Interface (UI) Theme that best suits your preferences.

In addition, you will have complete control over the safety and privacy settings within this version of WhatsApp from AG. This program allows you increased control over the privacy of your information. The app can be locked using your fingerprint if you so choose.

In addition, you have the ability to decide on individualized privacy settings for particular contacts. To make things simpler for you and ensure that you are always on top of things, the general chats, the archived talks, and the group chats have all been separated into their own tabs. This will ensure that you are always well-organized.

Additional Information

NameAG Whatsapp
Size57.13 MB
Required Android4.4 and above
Updated on9 Aug 2022
Get it on the PlayStoreNot Available

Download AG Whatsapp

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Working of AG Whatsapp

The use of this AG WhatApp is not in the least bit difficult. Downloading this programme and utilising it in the same manner as the original WhatsApp is all that is required of you. The user interface is the only thing that will be different, and it’s not a terrible difference at all because most of the things are organized in a better way than they were in the app that came before this one.

Within this software, there is an entire theme store where users may choose from more than a thousand distinct themes. This program also allows you to format the text in any way you like, including bolding it or using italics. You are also able to see the messages that have been deleted by your contact while they were chatting with you since when they delete a message, it is not deleted for you.

Ag whatsapp new version

Features Of Ag Whatsapp

The following is a list of the characteristics that AG WhatsApp has.

Turn off the Forward Tag
Following the installation of the most recent update to WhatsApp, a tag will now be appended to each message that is sent. However, if you use this app now, you can simply delete the “forwarded” tag from any message that you forward, and it will no longer be displayed on the message.

Single Tick
Within the settings for this program, there is furthermore a toggle switch for activating the single tick. This means that regardless of whether the message has been sent to you and you have read it, it will always show a single tick on the other side of the person who sent you the message. This is true whether or not the message has been read by you.

Put a Stop to Conversations
By default, WhatsApp allows users to archive their conversations in order to keep them private. However, under this particular program, not only are you able to archive the chats, but you can also lock and hide them so that no one else will be able to view them. You are able to access them covertly, but WhatsApp will not alert you to any of the new messages until you manually navigate to the secret portion of the app.

Make the Bars a Different Color
The app gives you a little bit more control over the app by allowing you to make changes to the colours of the header, navigation bars, conversations, and status area according to your personal style and taste. This gives you a little bit more control over the app.

Hide Contact Name
If you don’t want the contact’s name displayed in the chat, you have the option to conceal it. After you have done this, the only thing that will be visible to you is your profile photo, and the section for your name will be blank. Offers Their Opinions on AG Whatsapp
We put this WhatsApp tweak through its paces manually, and we can confirm that it functions as intended. As a result, you are able to download and install this program on your Android device. We have updated AG2 to the most recent version.

Try using this AG WhatsApp client if you want to have a greater degree of control over Whatsapp. A lot of other helpful functions, such as ER Whatsapp, are included in it, but I didn’t go into detail about them in the previous paragraphs. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll have access to all of them. Don’t waste any more time and download it right away.

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