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Every day, we will provide you with a new app, and the one that is the most well-liked by all of you is the customized version of WhatsApp that we present for you. These customized versions are quite handy due to the fact that they contain many features that are very beneficial. Therefore, the JT WhatsApp is another variant of the original app.

Therefore, the JT WhatsApp

The updated versions include a variety of helpful additions and changes. The same may be said for this particular mod as well. You will be able to hide the blue tick while still being able to see it on the contacts you have, and the same will be true for the status viewing. Additionally, this patch will provide you with some additional helpful features.

And just like in a lot of other modded versions of WhatsApp, there are different themes that you can use with it, this app also has a lot of its own cool themes, which is something that you don’t see very often. You are free to make use of either option.

The next feature presented in this application is a selection of alterations that can be made to the components that make up the programme. You have the ability to modify a variety of user interface elements, such as their positioning size, colours, and locations.

The default configuration only allowed users to send files that were up to 100 megabytes in size. However, this restriction has been removed from this app, thus you are now able to transfer larger files with the JT WhatsApp Apk even if you use it.

Additional Information

Size44.3 MB
Required Android4.4 and Up
Updated onAug, 2022
Get it onPlay Store

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Working of JT Whatsapp

It’s possible that you’re thinking that because this version of WhatsApp from JT has so many more capabilities, it must be difficult to use. However, this is not the case at all. This application is fairly simple to use, and the settings menu provides access to all of the app’s capabilities.

Along with the ability to transfer photographs and videos in their original quality, which was the primary shortcoming of the programme that came preinstalled on most devices, there is support for additional file extensions. In addition, a floating toast notification will appear whenever someone comes online, allowing you to keep track of who is currently using the app.

These customized versions are quite handy due to the fact that they contain many features that are very beneficial. Therefore, the JT WhatsApp


Let’s take a look at some of the features of JT WhatsApp, which are described in the following text, so that we may learn more about it.

Access Previously Erased Texts
Now, if a contact of yours sends you a message and then instantly deletes it for everyone else, you will be able to view that message since it will not be removed for you personally. This choice can also be made as a group activity.

Separate Controls for Your Privacy
If you have different privacy settings, then you will be able to apply individualised privacy settings to each of your contacts in their own right. Using this custom privacy option, you may easily restrict access to one contact’s blue tick while allowing another contact to view it. For example, if you only want one contact to see your blue tick.

Automatic Replies to Incoming Messages
You have the option with this app to send an automatic response to any messages that are received. You simply need to write in the message you want to send and then select the time at which you would like it to be sent. After that point, this prerecorded message will be sent to the direct inbox of everyone who messages you.

Message Scheduler
This programme also provides you with a message scheduler for your convenience. You only need to select the contact you want to send the message to, type in your message, and then select the time at which you want the message to be sent. And at the end of that period, the message will be delivered to that individual by an automated system.

Sending A Message Specifically To The Number
Within this software, sending a text message to a number does not require you to first save it. You need not save the number in order to send a message to the recipient immediately; all you have to do is key in the number.

Emoji Set
You also have the option in WhatsApp to replace WhatsApp’s standard emoji set with a set of custom emojis of your own. You can choose from a variety of emojis packs, or you can use your own custom pack, which is also an option.

Update on JT’s WhatsApp
If you are still using an older version of JT WhatsApp, you should immediately upgrade it by downloading the most recent version available from the website Mobapks.com. The apk file has been tested by us. It is functioning correctly and is compatible with every android device out there.

In conclusion, if you are interested in modified versions of WhatsApp, this JT WhatsApp is yet another excellent choice for you to consider. You can get this application by following the link that we have provided, and then you can take use of all of its fascinating features.

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