The best VPN services of 2022

No matter if you need a VPN to unblock video streaming sites, increase your online privacy, or because you’re using public Wi-Fi, we’ve compiled the finest ones for different budgets so you can discover the best fit. Naturally, the best VPN may be necessary for any of these purposes, but there are a number of fantastic all-around, including our top option, NordVPN.

Choosing a VPN service can seem overwhelming if you’ve never used one before. You’ll know exactly what to look for after reading this, though, as it’s not just about the cost or the number of servers.

Which devices you want to utilize a VPN on is a factor. You might desire an app for your TV or a video streamer like the Amazon Fire TV Stick even though the majority of providers offer them for Windows, Android, iPhone, and macOS.

With the exception of Hidden24, the amazing thing about the VPNs listed here is that one account may be used on numerous devices at once, making them even more advantageous.

Keep in mind that a VPN does not provide malware protection, therefore you must continue to use antivirus software, especially on Android and Windows devices.

Best VPN services of 2022

Why have we chosen these VPN services?

The testing and evaluation of virtual private network (VPN) services is a comprehensive process. At the very least, it ought to be. There are a lot of things to think about, such as the price of the subscription, the connection speeds to servers located all over the world, the number of servers and where they are located, the devices that are supported, the features that are available in each of the apps, the level of quality of the technical support, and other essential factors such as the privacy and data-logging policies.

There is also the question of who owns the service, which must be taken into consideration. This should never be opaque, and any time that it isn’t, alarm bells should immediately start to ring. For instance, certain organizations possess both VPN services and websites that provide reviews of VPN services. Other companies control both types of websites. This does not have to always be the conflict of interest that it appears to be, but there is a possibility that it will be. (We would want to make it clear that neither Foundry, which is the company that produces Tech Advisor, nor IDG Inc., which is Foundry’s parent company owns any VPN services.)

We also pay special attention to businesses that operate numerous virtual private network (VPN) services, and we investigate whether or not they claim that data is exchanged between those services as well as the other endeavors in which they are involved.

When you utilize a virtual private network (VPN), you are essentially giving that provides access to all of the data you generate when connected to the internet. This is the single most critical fact to keep in mind. This occurs due to the fact that it acts as a go-between for you and the website or service that you are utilizing. Yes, the data is encrypted; however, this protection is only in place up until the point at which it reaches the VPN server, at which time it is decrypted before being transferred to its ultimate location.

It is not enough for a VPN to state that they do not log your data; they should prove it with an audit so that you do not have to take their word for it. This is why we place such a high value on independent audits: it is not enough for a VPN to say that they do not log your data.

The vast majority of virtual private network (VPN) services rent their servers from data centers. This indicates that the service providers, such as M247, own the servers and have access to them in their physical locations. VPN providers should make use of trustworthy datacenters and implement safeguarding mechanisms to protect your data, but this is not as effective as the VPN provider owning and managing their own gear. Therefore, the few virtual private network (VPN) services that do not rent servers earn bonus points for privacy.

The following services are the only ones that we presently suggest, and even then, sometimes we just recommend them for a particular task like unblocking video rather than for privacy reasons.

You can find reviews we’ve done on many other VPN services if you look through all of our VPN reviews, but those services didn’t make the cut. There was a time when they were probably featured on this list, but at this point t,hey are not.

IP Vanish, HMA, Bullguard VPN, Bitdefender Premium VPN, Goose VPN, Hotspot Shield Premium, and ClearVPN are some examples of services that we’ve tested and evaluated but do not currently recommend.

Best VPN services

1. NordVPN – Best overall


  • Excellent speeds
  • Unblocks lots of video services
  • Independently audited


  • Not the cheapest
  • Not unlimited connections

It is simple to use, incredibly quick and provides access to a large number of servers located in different countries.

Nord, which operates out of Panama and adheres to a strict no-logs policy, is an excellent option for a variety of reasons. It is the quickest VPN available since it uses NordLynx, which is based on the WireGuard protocol. Additionally, it provides a wide variety of functions, such as a kill switch, on its mobile applications for Android, Windows, iPhone, and macOS.

The reliability of NordVPN is excellent, and it also performs quite well when it comes to unblocking streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

The two-year subscription offers the best value, and there is a full refund policy in place in the event that you are not satisfied with the service. There are now three packages available to choose from when using NordVPN: Standard, Plus, and Complete. Plus includes Nord’s Password Manager and Data Breach Scanner, while Complete has both of those features in addition to 1 terabyte of secured cloud storage.

The Virtual Private Network service provided by NordVPN is not the most affordable option; nevertheless, as is sometimes the case, if you want the best, you have to pay for it. In general, NordVPN is the service that most people should go with.

See all prices and plans at

Read our full NordVPN review

 NordVPN - Best overall

2. VyprVPN – Best for Owned & Operated Servers


  • Runs own hardware (doesn’t rent servers)
  • Independently audited


  • Prices have shot up recently
  • Can’t pay anonymously

VyprVPN has been audited to demonstrate that it adheres to its no-logs policy across its whole network of around 700 servers, which it owns and maintains itself. Because it is the owner of those servers, it does not rent servers from a data center and then installs its VPN software on top of those servers. This also implies that the staff working in the data center do not have access to those servers.

If protecting your privacy is a priority for you when choosing a VPN service, VyprVPN is an excellent option to consider. You should be aware, however, that you cannot pay for the service in a manner that is completely anonymous.

As is the case with all VPNs, the features available on different devices change, but the good news is that VyprVPN now includes WireGuard. In general, this is a service that is both quick and dependable. The most significant disadvantage is that there are no longer any affordable multi-year plans available. The longest plan that VyprVPN now offers is for just 12 months, and the price is about the same as that of ExpressVPN.

 VyprVPN - Best for Owned & Operated Servers

3. Hide. me


  • Free version
  • IPV6 support
  • Customizable double-hop servers


  • Relatively expensive
  • No independent audit since 2015 is an excellent Virtual Private Network service. It has made several improvements to its service in response to our earlier criticisms, the most notable of which is the fact that it now unblocks Netflix and other streaming services.

Even with its most affordable multi-year subscription plans, is more expensive than some of its competitors. However, if you want to try before you buy with a completely free version (which is, of course, limited in features), you can do so. However, if you want to unlock the full range of servers and get unlimited bandwidth, you will find that it is more expensive than some of its competitors.

It is one of the very few virtual private network (VPN) services that support IPv6 in addition to the WireGuard protocol. It was previously possible to utilize five devices at once, but now you may use ten at once, which is twice as many as before. has a no-log policy and has its headquarters in Malaysia, a country that is not a member of the “14 Eyes” surveillance alliance. It claims to have been one of the first businesses to undergo an independent audit; however, you are unable to read this, since the event occurred in 2015. At the very least, we’d like to see them publish the results of an up-to-date audit of its privacy policy. However, it is a participant in the VPN Trust Initiative as one of its members.

4. Ivacy – Cheapest over 5 years


  • Array cheap
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Unblocks Netflix & iPlayer


  • Fewer servers than rivals
  • Unaudited privacy policy

Ivacy may not have as many servers as some of its competitors, but it certainly meets a lot of the requirements for a good virtual private network. These servers enable peer-to-peer file sharing and unblock a large number of well-known online streaming services (though not Amazon Prime).

There are applications available for a diverse collection of mobile platforms and hardware. They are not the most polished products available, and their speeds are not the finest either. According to what we’ve been informed, support for WireGuard is on the way, but for the time being, OpenVPN offers the most reliable connection speeds.

There are a few things that may be improved, such as the fact that there is no automatic connection made when your phone or laptop connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, and there is also no way to determine how busy a certain server currently is.

There are other options available to you if you are concerned about your privacy in this location. Because Ivacy has not submitted its privacy policy to an impartial third party for auditing, you have no choice but to accept the company at its word and assume that it does not record the information that it asserts it does not record. Others on this page, such as NordVPN and PureVPN, have had their policies evaluated and validated by third parties that are independent from them.

Ivacy’s five-year plan, on the other hand, offers unrestricted access to websites and video streaming services for a much reduced cost. This makes it an excellent bargain.

Read our full Ivacy review

 Ivacy - Cheapest over 5 years

5. ExpressVPN


  • Unblocks 200+ streaming services
  • Speedy Lightway protocol


  • Expensive
  • Only 5 connections

If you are seeking for a premium VPN service that can consistently unblock streaming material, ExpressVPN is the provider you should go with since it is both user-friendly and loaded with features.

It provides a multitude of applications, browser extensions that really utilise the VPN service, and a router programme that is surprisingly capable of doing its intended function. If at any time you want assistance, the excellent technical support is available to you.

The proprietary protocol known as Lightway is responsible for the lightning-fast connection times and speeds that users experience.

However, considering all of this, the monthly cost of using ExpressVPN is much more than that of its competitors.

Read our full ExpressVPN review


6. Surfshark – Best for unlimited devices

The user interface of Surfshark is intuitive, and it provides access to a wide variety of capabilities. It supports applications for all of the most common devices, and you may connect a limitless number of devices to it.

It has a pretty good track record for unblocking streaming services (but not iPlayer when we last checked), it supports WireGuard, which means that its speeds are excellent, and it has a new feature called Nexus, which adds more layers of privacy. All of these things mean that it checks a lot of boxes.

We still have to trust the word of the firm that Surfshark does not log any data since the company has not yet undergone an audit of its no-logs policy. This is one of the objections that might be levelled against Surfshark. To our great fortune, it may be found in the Netherlands, a country that places a high value on personal confidentiality.

The second issue is that there is a significant increase in the monthly cost upon renewing. When this article was written, the monthly cost was around three times that of the first two years combined. This is the biggest rise in the renewal price of any VPN service we provide, and it’s a catch that’s easy to overlook when signing up for the service. However, you won’t be responsible for paying for the membership so long as you keep in mind to cancel it before it’s due to renew.

Read our full Surfshark review

 Surfshark - Best for unlimited devices

7. PureVPN

  • Audited no-logs policy
  • Good unblocking of steaming services


  • WireGuard protocol only in Windows app

A good option for streaming content, with servers available in a multitude of locations and, according to our most current testing, the capacity to unblock Netflix, the BBC iPlayer, and other online services.

PureVPN has relocated its headquarters from Hong Kong to the British Virgin Islands, which is a nation that is considerably more accommodating to users’ right to privacy. It is also worthy of praise for enabling its no-logs policy to be “snap audited,” which refers to an unannounced audit that the firm was unable to prepare for. When this occurred not too long ago, KPMG was able to recertify it as a genuine no-log VPN service provider.

Another recent improvement was the elimination of almost all virtual servers, bringing the total number of virtual servers down to 67, bringing the percentage of physical server locations up to 98.7%, and increasing the connection speeds of servers in the United Kingdom and the United States to 20Gbps.

Our primary concern was that there was still no WireGuard, however that feature was finally included in the middle of February 2022.

The service is offered at a price that is comparable to that of its competitors, and you can see the most recent promotions on PureVPN’s website at any time. Live chat support is available around the clock.


8. CyberGhost – Best value for streaming


  • Good speeds
  • Unblocks lots of video services


  • No independent audit
  • No split tunelling on Mac

CyberGhost is a well-established virtual private network (VPN) business that operates out of Romania.

Although it may not be perfect in terms of privacy (we would want to see an independent audit of its no-logs policy), it is still a solid option for unblocking streaming services.

Everything we attempted to access, including Netflix and Disney+, was unblocked when we checked again in May of 2022. Because CyberGhost offers such a vast number of servers, you may easily switch between them in the event that one of them does not function properly.

As an added perk, the company’s headquarters in Romania is home to what it calls its “NoSpy servers,” which are under its full control. These provide a more secure alternative than the other (rented) servers, which might be an advantage in situations when you aren’t only streaming video from different areas of the world. Access to these features is a part of your membership package so long as you are not on the plan that renews every single month.

However, if you are willing to commit to the three-year membership, you may take advantage of the discounted pricing, which is one of the product’s primary selling points. When you consider that it also has applications for the Amazon Fire TV and the Android TV, in addition to the fact that you can use the service on up to seven different devices at the same time, it becomes clear that this is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a low-cost VPN for streaming video.

Read our full CyberGhost review

 CyberGhost - Best value for streaming

9. ProtonVPN – Best for privacy-conscious power users


  • Great free plan
  • Lots of options for tweaking


  • Quite expensive

It is possible that ProtonVPN Plus will be appealing to you if you are a power user looking for a VPN for privacy and security. It is dubbed Plus to separate itself from the Free plan, which imposes limits on the number of servers from which you can pick and the speeds that are available to you.

Those who subscribe for ProtonVPN Plus gain access to fast speeds, tonnes of settings, and also have the ability to utilise “Secure Core servers,” which route your connection across numerous servers to improve your anonymity. Additionally, support for Tor via VPN is included. The apps themselves are entirely open source, and the fact that the service is domiciled in Switzerland makes it an excellent choice for anyone concerned about privacy.

In addition, there is a built-in ad blocker, as well as NetShield, which protects users from visiting websites that contain malware.

There are, however, less expensive alternatives available here if you place less importance on protecting your privacy and if you do not want to do things like establish unique profiles for automatically connecting to servers.

Read our full ProtonVPN review

 ProtonVPN - Best for privacy-conscious power users

10. Atlas VPN – Best for streaming on a budget


  • Affordable (also has free plan)
  • Good for streaming


  • Based in the US
  • Small server network

Atlas VPN is a relatively young virtual private network (VPN) provider, however it was acquired by Nord Security in 2017, the same company that controls NordVPN and Surfshark. Atlas VPN is the least expensive of the three, but it still provides a very excellent value owing to the fact that it performs a decent job of unblocking streaming services and also includes WireGuard for fast connections. Consequently, it is the best choice.

The comparatively low number of servers is not a significant issue given that it is possible to connect from all of the main nations. The fact that it is situated in the United States presents a significant challenge for anybody who need a VPN in order to protect their privacy. There is no evidence to support Atlas VPN’s claim that it does not record any data on its customers since the company has never been subjected to an independent audit.

If you are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt despite the fact that it is backed by Nord Security, then Atlas VPN is a very enticing alternative for people who are on a budget. Oh, and in addition to that, it supports IPv6 (which most don’t) and enables limitless connections, which means that you can use it on an endless number of devices.

Read our full Atlas VPN Premium review

 Atlas VPN

11.Hidden24 – Best for ultimate privacy


  • Owned & managed hardware
  • Unblocks Netflix & iPlayer
  • Best for privacy


  • No apps
  • Not the most user friendly
  • Only 1 connection at a time

Hidden24 is not like the other services provided here in any way. It is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that was developed from the bottom up to provide the highest level of privacy.

The priority of protecting one’s privacy above other concerns requires adopting an entirely new strategy for each and every service. Hidden24 utilises the native Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities of the device, thus there is no need to download any programmes. That indicates that in addition to Windows, it is also compatible with Android, Mac OS X, the iPhone, and Linux; however, it also indicates that switching servers is not particularly simple, and there is no kill switch (unless the operating system itself has one).

Hidden24 is a privately held company that manages and controls all of its hardware. At the moment, customers may pick from seven different locations, including the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Sweden.

On such servers, rather than running open source software atop Linux, as is the case with the vast majority of leased VPN servers in the cloud, bespoke code is executed. Because even Hidden24’s own employees are unable to access the servers, the service is an excellent option for users who place an emphasis on maintaining their privacy and safety (this also makes it an excellent choice for journalists, who may use the service at no cost).

Hidden24, in contrast to other VPN providers that claim to keep “no logs,” does not record anything at all—not even user sessions or the “anonymous data” that is stated in the privacy rules of the vast majority of its competitors. You are only allowed to use a single device at a time, which is a nice feature for protecting your privacy, but it does limit your options. If you connect to a server on a second device, the connection you have established on the first device will be terminated.

If you configure a router that is compatible with Hidden24, you will be able to have an endless number of connections; however, this is not something that most people will want to do.

Hidden24 is able to successfully unblock Netflix, iPlayer, and other streaming services in all seven of the countries in which it operates. This is despite the fact that Hidden24’s primary focus is on protecting users’ privacy.

This alternate method to VPN is most probably not appropriate for all users. But if you value privacy above all else and are willing to sacrifice convenience in order to get it, this is an excellent option for you to consider. If you simply subscribe for one month, it is also far less expensive than its competitors. You may take advantage of this one-of-a-kind offer for a two-year membership plan if you want to subscribe for a longer period of time.

Read our full Hidden24 review

 Hidden24 - Best for ultimate privacy

What to look for in a VPN service

Because there is such a large price disparity between different VPN providers, there is a strong temptation to just go with the one that costs the least. There are VPNs available that are both excellent and inexpensive; nevertheless, it is essential to choose one that you can have faith in and that has the capabilities you need. When it comes to virtual private network (VPN) services, the age-old cliché “you get what you pay for” does not truly hold true.

Be mindful, though, that the lower pricing won’t necessarily remain when your membership is renewed; if you want to take advantage of them, you’ll need to make sure that your auto-renewal is turned off or that you cancel your subscription before it is renewed.

Be wary of any payment methods that the service indicates cannot be refunded, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay, for example. The vast majority of virtual private networks (VPNs) provide a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test them out and make sure they grant you access to the services that you require.

The primary consideration, above and beyond the cost, is how you want to put a virtual private network (VPN) to use. If you only want to unblock movies from HBO Max, Disney+, or another service that isn’t accessible in your country, then you don’t need to worry too much about any other technicalities. All you need to do is choose a service that is reasonably priced and that is compatible with the services you need. If all you’re doing is watching videos, the privacy credentials of a VPN aren’t going to be a huge concern for you. However, you should keep in mind that whenever you connect to a VPN, the VPN provider has the ability to see all of your online activities.

If you are concerned about your privacy and security, you should look for a virtual private network (VPN) that does not keep any logs of its users’ activity and, preferably, owns and controls its own servers rather than renting servers from a data centre. To put it another way, if you want to reduce the likelihood that your virtual private network (VPN) service will be hacked and that your identity, location, and activities will be revealed, choose a VPN provider that operates on hardware that is solely under its control. In addition, if your life is in any way dependent on your VPN connection, it is highly recommended that you do not use a consumer VPN service of any kind, despite the fact that Hidden24 is a solid option.

Don’t let a larger number of servers or variety of countries sway your decision; this does not indicate a superior virtual private network (VPN). Because a local VPN server will always provide you the quickest speeds possible from any given service, what you should seek for are servers in the countries you either need to pretend to be in or are physically present in.

It’s quite probable that you’ll only utilise a small fraction of the servers that are accessible, and if connecting to a server on the other side of the globe slows down your internet connection, you won’t want to do that.

Testing the speed of a virtual private network (VPN) service is difficult since the speed fluctuates all the time. Reading our evaluations is the most effective method for determining whether or not a service is speedy.

Virtually all virtual private networks (VPNs) are compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS; however, some VPNs provide applications for a larger variety of devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Linux, in addition to web browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers.

If your device is capable of establishing a VPN connection, you do not really need an app; instead, you may input your login, password, and any other pertinent information into your network attached storage (NAS), router, or other device. When you wish to go to a new server, though, it might be a headache since you have to manually set up a connection for each one. You won’t have access to the additional capabilities that are only accessible in the programmes, such as a kill switch in the event that the operating system doesn’t give one.

Public / free Wi-Fi

When connecting to a free public Wi-Fi network, such as those found in hotels, airports, and coffee shops, it is highly recommended that you utilise a virtual private network, or VPN. When a Wi-Fi network does not need a password to join to it (and inputting your email address or other data in a web browser does not qualify here), it indicates that the connection between your phone and the network is not secured.

Because of this, it is feasible for someone to follow you about and watch what you do. Nevertheless, the vast majority of websites and online services already utilise encryption; a virtual private network is more like an insurance policy in case sensitive data is accidentally sent in plain text.

One further thing to keep an eye out for is any limits on use; certain places do not allow P2P (file sharing), while other places have no problem with it.

What do “5 Eyes” and “14 Eyes” mean as a group?

It is essential that you be aware of the location of the server farm that your virtual private network (VPN) connects to. Or, to be more explicit, the location of the company’s registration, which determines the jurisdiction in which it is allowed to do business.

In recent years, some nations have collaborated in an effort to engage in open information sharing, ostensibly with the goal of making everyone’s safety a higher priority. However, there are a lot of people and organisations who are against this behaviour because they believe that widespread monitoring limits human rights.

The Five Eyes are the primary group of nations that are able to openly exchange information with one another. They originated from the agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States, which had its beginnings in 1941 but was not made public until 2005.

Because the agreement is between the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia, it is known as the Five Eyes Agreement. These nations have reached an agreement to gather information, analyse it, and exchange it with one another; a significant portion of this intelligence is considered to be tied to behaviour that occurs on the internet these days.

The 5 Eyes:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. New Zealand
  4. United Kingdom
  5. United States

When reading about virtual private networks (VPNs), you will likely come across the term “14-eyes,” since the Five Eyes alliance has expanded to encompass a total of 14 nations. Nations that are presently considered to be third parties include Denmark, France, Holland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, and Spain. These countries were first added throughout the course of time.

If the location of your VPN provider’s servers is in a nation that is a member of the 14 Eyes, that nation’s government may legally compel your VPN company to cooperate with requests to provide information on its clients. If your VPN company assures you that it does not record any information, you are probably secure inside the 14 Eyes region. However, if maintaining your privacy is your top priority, you might consider switching to a VPN service that is headquartered in another region.

What information does a VPN keep?

VPN services often make the promise that they do not keep any logs. They typically only record anonymous information that is “essential to maintain and enhance the service.” These days, it is unusual for them to track connection time stamps, IP addresses, and the amount of bandwidth that was utilised.

We make sure to verify everything thoroughly, utilising the information at our disposal to determine precisely what each service records, and we incorporate this information in each assessment.

Choose a service provider that takes payment in the form of gift cards or Bitcoin if you want to conduct transactions completely anonymously. This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to connect any given action to a specific person. It is important to keep in mind that using a virtual private network (VPN) does not guarantee online anonymity.

China and Russia have both banned VPNs.

The vast majority of VPN providers boast that they are operational in China and Russia. The fact of the matter is that it is a game of cat and mouse in which governments figure out how to restrict connections if they discover that an individual is using a virtual private network (VPN), and they are quite effective at doing so.

It means that you can’t know for sure if a particular service will allow you to access Google and other sites on a particular day, and that’s one of the reasons why it pays to subscribe to a service that has 24/7 live chat support: they’ll be able to help you pick the right server and settings to bypass the blocks at that time. In other words, it’s impossible to know for sure if a particular service will allow you to access Google and other sites on a particular day.

It’s the same story when it comes to unblocking streaming services; these companies don’t like VPNs and try to limit their use whenever they can. Additionally, having live chat assistance available is helpful in the event that you have any issues. Even well-known services like ExpressVPN are now unable to bypass the restrictions placed on access to BBC iPlayer.

Therefore, if the outcome of this is significant to you, you should get in touch with the organisation to find out how things now stand. In most cases, there is a workaround available; for example, ExpressVPN provides a separate Media Streamer service that enables users to stream iPlayer material when they are travelling outside the country.

Over at our VPN hub, you’ll discover a plethora of other resources and articles pertaining to virtual private networks (VPNs), all of which can be accessed here on Tech Advisor.

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