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YM WhatsApp is one of the most recent WhatsApp plus copies that have gained popularity among users. These days, people are more likely to use WhatsApp plus copies rather than the simple WhatsApp app because they do not experience the same restrictions when utilizing these copies. In addition, the YM WhatsApp app provides users with a wide variety of incredible features, some of which are described in more detail in the following paragraphs. You will discover how to download YM WhatsApp and become familiar with its features in this post.

YM WhatsApp

We are here with another modification for WhatsApp. It is known as YM WhatsApp, and it has a number of additional features that are helpful. The program’s user interface is impressive, and you may modify its appearance by selecting a new color scheme or theme.

To begin, I’d like to discuss the several themes that are included with this software. You have the option to choose whatever theme that you like, ranging from feminine to gaming, although you probably won’t. Simply go to the in-app theme shop, and then it will be extremely simple for you to apply the themes you purchase there.

You’ve used a theme, but you’re still not satisfied with the user interface, are you? Then there is no need for concern since we provide you a different choice. You have the ability to alter the colors of the various components of the program by using this option. In addition to just altering the colors, you can also quickly rearrange the order in which the app’s components are shown.

If you, too, do not like the emojis that are included in the app and would rather use the emojis that come with your operating system or any other emojis pack, then the emoji changing option in the app will allow you to do so.

If certain privacy features were added to the app, you would only be able to view a person’s profile image rather than their name while you were chatting with them. You may also conceal the media from view in the gallery by utilizing the option provided for that purpose in the WhatsApp version of YM.

Download YM WhatsApp 2022

Additional Information

Size38 MB
DeveloperJesĂșs Muentes
Required Android4.4 and up
Updated on7 Aug 2022
Get it onPlay Store

How can I get YM WhatsApp?

  • Download YM WhatsApp by clicking the icon below.
  • Allow downloads from other sources. phone configuration> security> Activate the download from untrusted sources.
  • Select Install.
  • Input your phone number as well as the activation code.
  • Open the app and take use of all of the new features.

Download YM WhatsApp APK

Working of Whatsapp YM

The only thing you need to do is download this YM WhatsApp, and following that, you may use the program in exactly the same manner as before, including sending and receiving text messages and phone calls. Simply said, the only change you will see is going to be in the form of additional user interface components and privacy features.

You also have the option inside the application to disable the toast notice that will alert you whenever a new user logs on. You won’t be able to access this notice until you are really using the app. In addition, the application’s icon may be customized to reflect your own preferences.

Update YM WhatsApp 2022


Inferring the characteristics given below will provide you with additional information about YM WhatsApp.

Custom Privacy
You have the ability to customize the app with a variety of various privacy settings. You may use the custom privacy feature, which allows you to apply various settings with different contacts if you do not want to do this and want a specific privacy feature to be applied to a given contact. If you do not want to do this, you can use the custom privacy feature.

Determine the current seen status
When you see the status of another user in the future, that user will be unaware that you have seen the message they sent to you. In addition, you have control over it by pressing the button that looks like a double tick while you are monitoring the status. Consequently, you are responsible for everything in this app.

Anti Ban
The application is equipped with an anti-ban function. Because this is an app from a third party, and certain third-party applications have the potential to quickly get you into problems, to the point where your phone number may be blacklisted for the rest of your life. But if you download this software, you won’t have to worry about this issue again.

View Deleted Messages
When you use this software, you will have the freedom of knowing the message that has been erased by the other person, even if they have deleted it themselves. In the future, if your buddy deletes a message in a group chat, you will still be able to readily access it even after the message has been removed. You are also able to read messages that have been erased on MB WhatsApp and WhatsApp.

Bio Under Name
You will now be able to see the bio next to the names of your contacts with ease. While you are conversing with a contact, you have the ability to see any bio lines that they have written by clicking on their name.

Cover Up Your Writing And Your Recordings.
When you are typing in another person’s chatbox, you have the option to conceal the recording and typing choices from the person you are conversing with. They will be unaware of whether or not this option is enabled in this app.

You may use WhatsApp with more control if you download this YM WhatsApp. Include a variety of UI components, and then apply a variety of skins to it. Simply download this app, and from there you may effortlessly navigate through all of its additional features.

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