YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2022 – Anti-Ban

Today, we will provide information regarding YoWhatsApp APK, which is now the most advanced version of the widely used app. This article will provide you with information on all of the newly added features, as well as instructions on how to install the App. Therefore, continue reading to acquire further information.

When WhatsApp first appeared on the scene, its end-to-end encryption quickly spread to cover the whole user base. The most significant advantages were the delivery status updates and the blue ticks that indicated when the message had been read. Initially, WhatsApp required users to pay a fee in order to use its messaging facility. However, the company eventually made its services free of charge. However, users sought further functionality. Because of this, developers have produced customized variants of the YOWhatsApp app.

YoWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2022 – Anti-Ban

YOWhatsapp Review

You have seen a lot of different modified versions of applications that have some additional functionality up to this point. Whatsapp has an insanely high number of various modded app versions, and you may download a variety of different modified versions of the app. The digital messaging service WhatsApp is not an exception in this regard.
When we discuss the several versions of WhatsApp that have been modified, we do not take into consideration the ongoing discussion on whether the version is superior to the others. This is due to the fact that each of these versions contains a number of interesting features, the majority of which are identical to those found in the other versions.

Which option a user goes with is wholly dependent on his or her preferences. It is our responsibility to bring you and provide information about these applications. Therefore, Cyber WhatsApp is an altered version of WhatsApp that gives you access to additional features and capabilities.

You will have the opportunity to investigate supplemental safety and privacy settings within this application. These may include the blue tick that appears when you read the message or a single tick feature that shows that message has not yet been delivered to you yet. Both of these ticks appear when you read the message.

This program provides you with a multitude of unique skins to choose from, in addition to the great amount of work that was put into the various privacy and security settings. These themes are available to be browsed in the theme store and may be installed on YoWhatsApp without any additional steps.

Additional Information

Size45 MB
Required Android4.4 and Up
Updated on15 August 2022
Get it onPlay Store

Download the file of the WhatsApp

Features of YoWhatsApp APK

The initial version of the app lacked support for a great deal of these additional capabilities. We shall summarise each feature for you in the form of bullet points. Now, let’s look at the features.

  • This application provides you with support for more than a hundred different languages. It indicates that you are able to speak a number of different languages. You are free to communicate in any language of your choosing. The app now additionally supports the newly developed Azerbaijani language.
  • You have the ability to ban calls from any contact or number that has not been saved. In the original version of YoWhatsApp (APK), the option to block incoming calls was not included. These functions provide you with increased control as well as increased privacy.
  • You have the ability to place an image on the YoWhatsApp APK’s backdrop, which is referred to as your Wallpaper. Your communication will now have a more pleasing visual aesthetic.
  • This app adds more ease and additional functionality to Android 8.0 with its support for White navigation.
  • The collection of themes contains several recent designs and themes in its archive. You also have access to thousands of different color and layout options.
  • You have the ability to autosave the themes as well as build your own theme.
  • zip file, which simplifies the process of transferring themes to a different device.
  • There is a cool function where you may change the color of each member’s name that is associated with your group. Additionally, it has a pleasing appearance.
  • It has been added on your call screen that your call FAB has been added. This function is not present in the app’s initial version.
  • The fact that you may choose the colors of the ticks adds a new dimension to the communication experience.
  • The application has been updated to include some fun bubbles.
  • You have the ability to hide your online status, giving you additional privacy and control while engaging in dialogue.
  • You have the capability of sending ten different photos to each of your contacts in a single message. The initial version of the app only supports up to four photos.
  • Sharing of files is surprisingly effective. You are able to send a file that is up to 700 MB in size with only one mail.
  • It is possible to conceal the blue checkmark.
  • Both the tick style and the bubble style can be altered at your discretion.
  • The color blue is used for the default interface.
  • Holding down the camera button for an extended period of time will allow you to send high-quality photographs.
  • You are able to customize the display of your name within the YoWhatsApp APK app.
  • You have access to more than a thousand pinning options.
  • You also have the option of using a fingerprint lock in order to conceal the chats.
  • The app has been updated to include a call privacy feature. You now have the ability to choose who can call you.
  • You have the ability to modify the font style of both your name and your status.
  • The number of messages sent in a group can be seen on the app.
  • You are able to contact toast online.
  • You have access to a library with hundreds of different emojis to select from.
  • You have the ability to select the level of privacy for groups and conversations.
  • The length of your status can be up to 250 words.
  • You can zoom profile pictures.
  • You have the ability to customize the App’s icon.
  • The new version corrects the bugs that were present in the older one.


You can use this YoWhatsApp in exactly the same manner in which you would use the standard Whatsapp application. The only thing that sets this software apart from others is that it provides a significantly larger number of customization choices.

When we talk about the additional options, the first thing that you will look at is the themes that this app offers in its theme store. You can find these themes in the app’s theme store. After that, you’ll have access to a variety of various security settings, such as the ability to deactivate your blue tick while still being able to view the blue ticks of other users. Additionally, you have the option to turn off your double tick, giving the impression to others that you are not now online.

Features of this WhatsApp

Switch to Airplane Mode
This aircraft mode is not the one that is pre-installed on your phones; rather, this airplane mode is included in the customized version of the app that you are using. You have the option to turn it on, and if you do so, you will no longer get messages. However, you will still be able to use the internet for other applications. The modified versions of WhatsApp, such as MB Whatsapp and Whatsapp, will not provide you with access to this feature.

It Is Now Time To Turn Of The Double Tick
When you receive the message on your phone, there will be a double checkmark displayed. And the default version of WhatsApp does not have any options to disable this feature. However, you have the ability to switch off this feature within this program. After doing so, you will still be able to read the message, but the sender will believe that you have not yet seen it and that you are unavailable to communicate with them.

Thematic Retailer
Don’t worry if you grow tired of utilizing the same app style over and over again since we have you covered here with a variety of options to choose from. This application comes with a Theme Store, which contains a wide variety of stylish Themes to choose from. You are free to search for your preferred one and use it on your application.

Download Current Status
With this application’s status download option, you are able to quickly and simply obtain the current state of each of your contacts. In addition to downloading the photographs and videos that are attached to users’ status updates, you now have the option of copying the full captions that appear below those updates. Additionally, the status can be downloaded through the AG2 WhatsApp client.

Put a passcode on your Whatsapp.
You now have the option to lock WhatsApp with either your fingerprint, a Pin, or a password in a very simple manner. Because this is a proprietary locking mechanism for the Cyber WhatsApp app, the security password you enter will not work for any other applications.

Techinblog.com’s Comprehensive Analysis of YoWhatsapp
As we have stated previously, the crew at Mobapks performs manual testing on the WhatsApp mods, and they only distribute them if they are in a state that allows them to function properly and are free of any kind of virus. Because of this, mobapks.com has also manually tested Cyber Whatsapp, and the results showed that it functions perfectly and does not have any problems.

The conclusion reached by this conversation is that there is neither a good nor a terrible version of WhatsApp. Each of these variants offers its own set of advantages. If you are interested in downloading YoWhatsApp, then you will find that it comes with a number of fantastic features that you can test out. Therefore, get it right away by using the link provided below. If you find that you enjoy using this version of WhatsApp, then we propose that you recommend that your friends use this version of WhatsApp. in order for them to be able to gain from it as well.

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