AG3 Whatsapp Latest Version

Even though there are numerous modified versions of WhatsApp available on the internet, users are still subject to the same restrictions and constraints, regardless of which version of WhatsApp they are using.

You should try AG3 WhatsApp Apk if you are seeking a modded version that does not have any restrictions or if you are looking for a version that has been modified. This program is packed with a tonne of different features.

AG3 Whatsapp Latest Version

Additional Information

Size59 MB
Android Requirement4.0 and above
Total Downloads1M+
Last update21 Oct 2022
Get it on PlaystoreNot Available

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Features of AG3 Whatsapp

Freeze Seen
You have the option to manually freeze your last seen in the settings menu if you do not wish to reveal to your contacts the time and date of your most recent activity.

By doing so, the time at which you have frozen your status will be shown to others as the time when you were most last active on the site.

Activate the anti-delete feature by going into the settings menu. If you proceed in this manner, the messages that your contacts have sent to you will no longer be able to be deleted by those contacts.

Disable Forward
It is recommended that the forward messages tag on this application’s strings be disabled. If you take this step, you will be able to send any message to the remainder of your contacts without any of them receiving a forward tag on the message they receive.

Hide View
You have the option to hide the status view inside the settings, which is useful if you do not want your contact to know that you have viewed his current state.

If you do this, regardless of how many times you check the status updates of your friends, your name will not appear in the list of those who have seen it.

Status Delete
Turn on the option to prevent the deletion of status updates. If you do this and any of your contacts erase their status before you have had a chance to read it, the information will still be visible there for the next 24 hours.

Read Receipt
If you turn off the read receipt, your friends’ chats will only show that you’ve seen their messages if you respond to them. This is because the read status will only be shown if you reply to them. In such case, the only information that will appear with the message is its delivered status, and that won’t change unless you respond to it.

Status Seen
You are able to conceal your status on Facebook by selecting only the friends and contacts with whom you do not wish to share it. This is useful if you have a group of friends with whom you do not wish to share your status.

Additionally, turn off the typing indicator. The timing of when you saw the status update and when you replied to it will never be revealed to your friend, even though you will get the message and respond to it as well.

Use a password or a pattern to keep unauthorized users from accessing your application. This application will allow you to set it up even though the fingerprint reading security that your phone supports is already present.

To encrypt your application, all you need to do is go into the settings of the program and turn on the security option. From there, you will see many different encryption options available to you.

Pattern Settings
Make your design visible or even not visible You have the option to simply hide the visibility of the content if you do not want anyone else to be able to see what your password is.

You can select any picture, image, or solid color to serve as the background of the conversations and the main menu, and you can set the background to whatever you like.

Name of the Contact
Altering the color scheme of the contact names is one way to differentiate them from the background they are overlaid on.

Color of the Status
You should also change the color of the text that makes up the status. You can manually select the font style and color from the available options in the application.

Message Scheduler
You can create an automatic reply for your messages or even just the schedule for when they will be sent. If you are not online and someone texts you, you can set up an auto-reply by typing any default message you want them to get even if you are not online. This can be done even if you are not online. Unlike Whatsapp Pink and Purple.

Connectivity That Is Direct
Instead of using the notification window, you can enable or disable the internet connectivity directly from within the application itself.

Status Timings
Manually adjust the parameters to establish the status timings for more than 60 seconds and up to three minutes.

Video Limit
You can manually adjust the settings to raise the restriction on the amount of video you can broadcast to 700 MB.

Call the group
You are free to include an unlimited number of contacts in the group call you are hosting without having to worry about any limitations or limits.

Dark Mode
You may quickly change the settings of the application to enable or disable the dark mode whenever you like using the settings.

There is no question that Red WhatsApp should be given a rating of five out of five. However, one is unable to present a summary of it due to the fact that the lists of things it provides are too extensive.

We strongly suggest that you download WhatsApp Red if you are seeking a modded version of WhatsApp that includes a significant number of additional features.

Privacy and Status
You can only share your WhatsApp status with the people you have chosen to communicate with using this version of WhatsApp. This functionality is available in virtually every version of WhatsApp.


Question: Is it possible to download WhatsApp Red Apk for free?
The application can be downloaded without cost.

Is the WhatsApp Apk file accessible to download from the Google Play store?
No, as was stated earlier, this is a modded version, which means that it cannot be purchased from the Google Play store.

The question: “Can I use this WhatsApp to deliver a huge file?”
With this version of WhatsApp, you are able to communicate both small and large files. If you need to email large files, you should use this version instead of the other one.

Extra Features

  • You can convey the heart and like reactions to anyone with just one click by tapping the plus icon.
  • You have the option of making the text bold as well as italic.
  • The Bomb setting enables you to send the same message several times with simply the touch of a button.
  • Users have the ability to store the standard message within the bomb sets.
  • When you are unable to respond to a message personally, you can make use of the auto-reply message tool instead.
  • You have the ability to assign an exact time for auto-reply messages.
  • You can download and install any of the more than four thousand one breathtaking themes that are available in the AGThemes shop.
  • You have the option to modify the color of the header’s background.
  • You are able to view and read the deleted status as well as any communications that were deleted.
  • With the help of the message scheduler function, you will have the ability to deliver the updates at a predetermined time.
  • You have the ability, in contrast to WhatsApp, to lock a discussion for one or more conversations.
  • You have the option to disable the forwarded tag.
  • This feature of the app lets you save your most recent location.
  • You have the ability to enable or disable the option that controls who can call you.
  • Personalized safeguards for your privacy
  • In the event that you forget your password, you have the option of setting up a recovery question. Lock and pin
  • Availability of a separate lock for WhatsApp
  • AGWA widget
  • You have the option to conceal media from the gallery.
  • On every screen, users have the ability to customize the color of the status and navigation bars.
  • The action bar’s color can be customized across all screens with this application.
  • The color scheme of the UI can also be altered.
  • You can use different Emojis
  • Bar de commande flottant
  • On the main panel, you have the option to eliminate the grey line that separates each chat.
  • Choose a hue to represent the date of unread messages on the narrative screen.
  • Choice of hue to indicate whether or not the circle has been noticed.
  • Cover the update portion that is muffled.
  • You can hide recent updates
  • It is superior to FMWhatsApp 2 in terms of its privacy features.
  • The recent/viewed updates bar on the status page should have the option to have its background color changed.
  • Section for a speedy view of contacts
  • You have the option of enabling wallpaper view, which will produce a see-through discussion view.
  • The AG version enables you to select a unique background for each of your conversations.
  • You have the option to hide the date and time when copying two or more messages at once.
  • Disable or activate the read more function
  • You have the option to keep the often-contacted part hidden from the forward section.
  • Option to activate or disable avatar view
  • Option for a bespoke toast
  • You have the option of changing the color of the toast’s background.
  • Set various ringtones
  • Option for backup and restoration
  • You have the option to block output switching, which will prevent the speaker or earpiece from switching while the song is being played. You also have the option to enable the proximity sensor.
  • You have the ability to adjust the size of the text over the entirety of the main screen.
  • WhatsApp gives users the ability to execute rapid actions by swiping any conversation row to the left or right.
  • You can replace the WhatsApp icon on the home screen with your own name.
  • Activate the light/night mode.
  • Display or hide airplane mode.
  • Activities related to broadcasting
  • The choice to jump directly to the first message without having to scroll up.
  • Remove any recently used Emojis.
  • Option to search the web.
  • You are able to pin an unlimited number of chats simultaneously.
  • Adjust the settings on the widget so it can manage notifications.
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