Download Fouad GBWhatsApp APK 9.45 Latest (Official) 2022

Do you enjoy Fouad Mods’ music? Then download this Fouad GBWhatsApp APK right now. Many individuals, I believe, were hoping to find this app since they believed it to be the official GBWA. It was actually made so that it could work with both Fouad Whatsapp and FMWhatsapp on the same Android device.

Atnaf Hoaks made one of the best mods, Official GBWA, and today it’s one of the best. You can skip using this app and stick with the one you’re already using (just an opinion ).

Download Fouad GBWhatsApp APK Latest (Official) 2022

So, Fouad GBWhatsApp APK is based on a well-known WhatsApp Mod called YoWhatsApp by Yousef Al Basha. He showed off many of the improvements he made, which can only be found in YoWA at the moment.

It was his effort that inspired Fouad Mokdad to develop this enhanced version of WhatsApp (called Fouad GBWhatsapp APK). The absence of commercial interruptions is one of the program’s many strong points.

Review of Fouad GBWhatsApp APK?

A standard Whatsapp Mod, it offers a variety of features comparable to those of other apps. The official WA doesn’t have nearly as many bells and whistles, so bear that in mind.

That being said, if you find yourself in dire need of such a thing and are interested in exploring alternatives to WhatsApp, I suggest you try this one out. The most efficient programs also have numerous helpful enhancements and add-ons.

It has already been established that Fouad Mokdad developed the Fouad GBWhatsApp app specifically so that he could use it for a third account (If you have one). They’re functionally equivalent, so you can also use FMWA by the same developer. Simply put, the names on the packages are the only distinguishing factors.

Using this item will allow you to access a different account. Want to find out more about the functions?

Version Info

NameFouad GBWhatsApp
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Size40 MB
Last UpdatedOctober 14, 2022

Download the file of Foud GB Whatsapp

Here you may get the newest version of Fouad GBWhatsapp APK. In accordance with the developer’s (Mokdad) release, we will update the Official Download link.

In other words, you can rest assured that the links we provide will get you where you need to go. Please remember to save your conversations before continuing.

Now, get the latest version of GBWhatsApp for Android by downloading the APK from our links. You may get real-time updates by joining our Telegram Channel.

Features Of Foud GBWhatsapp

I’d like to share with you some important features.

Use 3 Accounts

That’s right, you spotted a typo. It is not necessary to read it again. This is the finest time ever to use any top-secret or company accounts. However, FMWhatsApp and Fouad Whatsapp are prerequisites for this task. To meet your needs exactly.


It comes with themes created by the YoWa team or app users. The Store contains a plethora of themes. You simply download and apply within the app. You can also load the theme from storage if you downloaded it from another source.


This functionality is seen in the majority of apps that are similar to this one. This application contains some further one-of-a-kind customization.

  • The app’s color can be changed.
  • You can select an image from your gallery as the background image for Status Bar Color Navigation Bar Color Dark UI.

Font Style

Many individuals are bored with the system font styles, however, you can change that style to one of the accessible fonts below. Those that bothered to look into it. They no longer have to be.

Take a brief glance at the styles available below.

  • Roboto-Light
  • Roboto-Medium
  • Product Sans
  • Zaman DroidKufi
  • Nekar ComicSans
  • Comfortaa Raleway and a slew of more


A very useful tool for unintentional openings from friends and family. It also secures your data from intruders in some way. However, it is quite intriguing. Isn’t that right?

This feature does, however, include a Recovery question. It can be used if you have forgotten your Password/Pattern/PIN.

You can also lock a certain conversation for greater privacy. Isn’t it important?

Read Some More

Indeed, this GBWA serves many purposes. In order to better grasp the use, I compiled a list of the remaining choices. Below, we’ve outlined a few standout features that everyone values.

Disable Output Switching – This prevents the speaker and earpiece from switching while playing.

Backup/Restore Data – This crucial option allows you to back up all of your WA’s data in the same way that Titanium Backup does. It will be useful while updating the Fouad GBWhatsApp APK to the most recent version.

Airplane Mode (DND Mode) – Enabling Do Not Disturb mode prevents you from receiving new messages from your contacts.

You can increase the media size restriction for transmitting by clicking here.

Full-resolution video images up to 700 MB
Instagram Stories Fashion – Yes, Fouad Mokdad introduced an Instagram Stories-styled UI in the new edition.

Hide Media From Gallery – If you enable this option, media will not appear in your gallery or any other third-party app.

Photos, Videos, and GIFs Privacy – There are numerous privacy options available in this GBWA.

Last Seen Anti-Delete Messages Freeze
Who can contact me?
Hide view status Display blue ticks after response
Blue Ticks/Second Tick/Microphone/Typing/Recording Hide

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installation

You need to know how to make a copy of your conversations in Official One before installing Fouad GBWhatsapp APK. Complete backup can be obtained by following our guide.

Also, the Video Guide is now available on our site. If you’ve already made a full backup, you can proceed to the installation instructions below.

Step 1: Navigate the APK you downloaded from here.

Step 2: Enable the Unknown Sources option or Allow From This Source by tapping on Fouad GBWhatsApp APK.

Features Of Foud GBWhatsapp

Step 3: Put it on your device.

Step 4: Open it and press the Agree And Continue buttons.

Features Of Foud GBWhatsapp

Step 5: Select the Copy WhatsApp Data button and enter your phone number.

Check it with the OTP.

Step 6: Restore your Complete Chat Data Backup.

Features Of Foud GBWhatsapp


Fouad GBWhatsApp is one of the best programs available if you’d prefer a commercial-free version of WhatsApp. More fascinating than major WAMODS are their features. Download an app that best suits your requirements.

Our WAMODS Collections are included on this page.

Have we missed anything that you’d like to share with us? Add your thoughts in the space provided.

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