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Today I’d want to talk about Fouad WhatsApp, which is the most well-known and widely used of all the revolutionary communication platforms currently available. It provides you with fully encrypted text messaging as well as phone calls. It possesses a plethora of incredible capabilities that the official WhatsApp Messenger does not have. Because of this, it is widely considered to be the most effective mod for WhatsApp.

Read the whole post if you want additional information regarding the Fouad WhatsApp app. This article discusses the exceptional characteristics of the software, as well as where to download it and how to install it, and much more. You will gain the knowledge necessary to successfully install the APK file of the Fouad WhatsApp mod using the link to download it. You can ask me whatever you want to know about this app in the comment box if you have any questions.

Fouad WhatsApp

Additional Information

App NameFouad WhatsApp
OP SystemAndroid
Downloads1 Million+
App Size           53MB

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The WhatsApp Fouad

One of the most popular and useful modifications for WhatsApp is called Fouad WhatsApp. This mod is fundamentally based on YOWhatsApp, which is developed by independent developers not affiliated with WhatsApp. This program provides fully encrypted communication for its users, allowing them to have peace of mind about the protection of their personal information. This program is ideal for usage because of the several features that protect users’ privacy, such as DND mode, Anti-ban, and the ability to transfer any file.

It is a modification of WhatsApp that can be downloaded for free and comes with a wide variety of capabilities. This software is functionally equivalent to the original WhatsApp, but it offers a wider range of benefits. There are a lot of things that the official version of WhatsApp does not allow you to perform, but this mod enables you to do them all.

This is what Fouad WhatsApp knows:

A program known as Fouad WhatsApp APK was developed by a third-party developer by the name of Fouad Mokdad. Fouad Mokdad is the name of the developer. These days, WhatsApp has more than 5 billion active users, and the reason for this is that WhatsApp has remarkable capabilities that are absent from competing communication programs.

If you use WhatsApp on a daily basis, you are likely familiar with the WhatsApp Mods that are available. There are a lot of different modifications for WhatsApp, such as GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and others like Fouad WhatsApp APK. The Fouad WhatsApp Version offers its users a greater number of features that may be modified.

You may make voice and video conversations with your friends and family members with this mod of WhatsApp, and you can also send them text messages, emoticons, and voice notes. This version of WhatsApp is quite popular. This app’s creator releases frequent updates for this application. With each update, the developer adds new features and improves the current version to provide the best possible experience for users.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Feature

Anti-Ban: The Fouad WhatsApp APK file is available for download without any difficulties. You are not in danger of having access to the Fouad WhatsApp app on your Android smartphone, so you can relax knowing that your safety will not be compromised in any way.

Simple to use: the Fouad WhatsApp APK is really simple to use. As with other WhatsApp modifications, it may function as a standard messaging app while not in mod mode.

You have the ability to choose a foundation photo for the screen and set it as your profile picture. You will have a foundation for the application if you follow these guidelines. You are able to see the styles of the section before applying them.

Send any form of the file you like: You may transmit various media files to the people in your contacts list by downloading the Fouad WhatsApp APK. With the help of the Fouad WhatsApp download, you will have no difficulty in sending PDF files related to your professional activity.

You have the option of selecting a picture to have it shown near the bubbles in your profile. No matter whether it’s a single air pocket, a double air pocket, or all of them together, they can picture may be adjusted to any of them.

You can message anybody, however, the official WhatsApp app requires you to store a number first before allowing you to send a message. You do not need to save a contact number in order to send a message to anybody using the Fouad WhatsApp APK download.

You have the ability to establish a picture as part of the conversation, regardless of whether the image is located within or outside the discussion. You might insert a picture of people gathering in both an indoor and an outdoor setting.

Hide media from the gallery on your mobile device by installing the Fouad WhatsApp APK on your Android smartphone. This will allow you to hide media from the gallery on your mobile device. You may safeguard the media files stored on your Android smartphone that is associated with WhatsApp in this manner.

Shading: On the home screen, you will see a line of shading appear between each of your visits. You have the option of selecting a tab to highlight the shade. On the primary screen, you have the option to customize the date’s coloring.
You have the ability to modify the coloring of pending messages. You may refer to the shade that is shown on the main screen. On the visit screen, you have the option to report content shading.

Altering voice notes and playing with shading are also possible inside this application. When you download the most recent version of Fouad WhatsApp, you will have the ability to modify the play bar for voice notes.

Emojis are available in a variety of packs; the Fouad WhatsApp download gives you access to one such emoji version. You may spice up the appearance of your chat screen with these different emojis, which you can use in your conversations.

Live preview of color changes: When you make some changes in the Fouad WhatsApp app, you will receive a preview so that you can see how your creative appears on the main screen of the Fouad WhatsApp mod. This allows you to see how your creativity looks on the main screen of the Fouad WhatsApp mod.

You have the ability to choose a foundation shade for forwarded messages and then send such messages without using the label “forwarded.” When you send a message that has been forwarded using the official WhatsApp app, the recipient will be alerted right away to the fact that the message has been transferred.

Image sharing in HD quality: Have you noticed that the size of a picture that you transmit to someone via WhatsApp is much less than the original? Download the Fouad WhatsApp APK file in order to maintain the quality of your shared photographs after they have been uploaded.

Call Blocker: This WhatsApp modification comes with an in-built call blocker that blocks incoming calls but still lets you make outgoing calls.

Themes Shop: The Fouad Mokdad app provides you with a theme store for you to choose from. To differentiate your app from the others on the market, choose and use one of the available themes from the shop. The motifs are going to be automatically downloaded and stored as files on your computer.

Language of Azerbaijan: You have the option to choose Azerbaijani as your language preference. Therefore, if you are from Azerbaijan, you will be able to pick your mother tongue so that you and your friends may communicate.

There is also a variation of the phrase that might be interpreted in a Brazilian rather than a Portuguese manner.

Arabic language: The content of the message will be accurate when translated into Arabic. After selecting Arabic as your language preference, if you are from any of the nations that make up the UAE, you will have no trouble using this application.

Conceal Blue Ticks: If you mistakenly read a message, you have the option to hide your blue ticks. This is useful since there are instances when we do not want to answer to a person but we are unable to say so explicitly. If you have opened the message in this app by mistake, you may use this function to close it again quickly.

Anti-Delete Messages: If someone gives you a message on ordinary WhatsApp and then deletes it, you will never be able to find out what the message was unless you ask the person who sent it to you. Anti-Delete Messages prevent this from happening. You will not lose access to messages that have been removed by other users in this app, so even if someone else deletes a message, you will still be able to view it.

View Deleted Status: If you have not viewed someone’s status on WhatsApp but he has erased the status, then you will never be able to see that status again. This applies even if you have not seen the status before. However, if you download the Fouad WhatsApp APK version, you will be able to access all of the statuses, regardless of whether or not the persons who posted them have erased them.

App Lock: By using this app, you’ll be able to bypass the password lock on your device. Because you can now activate app lock on your WhatsApp account, you may confidently hand your phone to anybody without worrying about the security of your conversations being compromised in any way.

Message Scheduling: Fouad mods provide you the ability to establish a scheduler for your messages, which means that you will never again be late for any of your obligations on WhatsApp.

Editing the Photographs: At some point in the main base, the pictures will be modified. When you email a picture to someone, you will discover many editing choices that you may use on that picture before passing it on to other people.

DNS mods: Do not disturb mode, often known as DND mode, is a feature that may be enabled inside the program. Enabling this option will prevent Fouad WhatsApp from sending you any notifications if you are also using another app at the same time and do not want other people to interrupt you while you are working.

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