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You are all aware of the modified version of WhatsApp known as WhatsApp Plus, which you have probably heard about. Golden WhatsApp is the upgraded version of WhatsApp plus, and it is also possible to refer to this software as WhatsApp plus gold. This related app has been made to make it easier for you to get involved in a wider range of topics and feelings.

This Modded version not only has the functionality that WhatsApp offers, but it also has a lot of additional functions that have been added for the convenience of the user. This version has been ranked as the finest among the many other Modded versions available by a significant number of users.

When installing the modded version, security is typically the primary worry of the user; so, with this version, security is considered to be in the very first place.

Users will report a greater sense of relaxation as a result of using this application. In addition, it is not possible to dwell on all of the characteristics of this program in the section that is devoted to the introduction.

Additional Information

Size60 MB
Last update26 Oct 2022
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Download Golden Whatsapp New Version

 Download Golden Whatsapp New Version

Extra Features of Golden Whatsapp

As was previously stated, this Modded version includes a vast assortment of features, and you are free to utilize any of them at any moment. Some of the features came from the first version of WhatsApp, while others are just updated versions of the ones that were there before.

Several of the brand-new features that WhatsApp golden has to offer are described here for your convenience.

  • Notification
  • Dark Mode
  • Photos chat
  • Image shape
  • Hide option
  • Privacy settings
  • Disable status
  • Document submission
  • Multi formats
  • Disable calls
  • Verifications
  • Emoji
  • Last Active
  • Double Status
Golden WhatsApp


Golden WhatsApp gives you the ability to customize the color as well as the time of your notification area. If you use this modded version of the app, you will have complete control over all of the configuration options for WhatsApp.

Not only are the settings of chat and contacts modifiable, but so too are the settings of the notification section. Modifications can be made in any of these areas. You have the option to mute the notification of WhatsApp if you do not wish to receive any messages or alerts that are associated with WhatsApp.

Dark Mode

This new version of WhatsApp has a feature called “dark mode” for those who find that they work better in a darker environment. Although the dark mode is now available on the official version, this program was the first to launch it. Now it is available in the official version.

Because of this function, your eyes will no longer be irritated when using your mobile device for WhatsApp at night, and users will feel more at ease doing so.

The Photos Chat.

The ability to turn images into stickers is a function that is exclusive to this version of WhatsApp, despite the fact that sharing photos on WhatsApp is a capability that is also available on the official version of WhatsApp. Exactly the same functionality is offered by TM WhatsApp.

Form of the Image

Transform your pictures into spheres using the editor. You are not restricted to the standard shape of the image anymore; rather, you may easily change the shape of the image into a spherical one.

Hide Option

The Hide function itself comes with a comprehensive set of additional features. Put up a wall between your profile and the contacts you’ve chosen. Only certain contacts will be able to see your status updates and when you were last active.

To activate or disable the display of your profile and the time you were last active, you need to toggle between the enable and disable modes.

Adjustable levels of privacy

If you do not want your contact pals to be aware of whether or not you have read a message, you have the option of hiding your tick status. If you do this either after reading the message of your friends, they will just get a single tick, and there will be nothing mentioned about the message read status in the info of the message.

Disable Status After submitting your status, you have the option to disable it. After you have posted your status, if you decide at a later time that you do not want it to be shown to your contacts for a period of time, then this status will no longer be visible to any of your contacts, including those who have already seen it.

Document Submission

The ability to upload documents is a function that can be found in nearly all social media applications. This application, on the other hand, enables you to exchange documents in practically any format, from pdf to.ppt format and anything in between.

This program is one of the very few social applications that can share files in the.ppt and.xls formats; the other applications that can do so are extremely rare.

Multi Formats

As was previously mentioned, you are able to share files in any format using this application; however, if you wish to share APK files using this application, you are also able to do so.

Disable Calls

If you do not want to be harassed by the notification, you can turn off your calls. You can manually change the settings to disable their calls if you do not wish to block any of your contacts but also do not wish to receive any notification when they call you. This can be done even if you do not wish to block any of your contacts.

In addition to this, you have the option to silence any and all calls coming from your contacts. After doing these steps, you will get text messages and voice notes from your contacts, but you will no longer be notified of incoming calls.

Parallel Accounts

Do you want to use a single mobile device to manage many accounts at the same time? After that, you won’t be required to search for a new mobile device nor will you need to download a third mobile program in order to do what you want to do.

You can use a single application to switch between your two different WhatsApp accounts when you have this application. You can quickly switch between different accounts by going to the profile settings and using the drop-down menu.


Get the OTP as soon as possible on your registered number in order to verify your mobile phone number. This program provides a responsive and speedy one-time password (OTP) generator.


This application now has a substantial collection of GIFS and emojis in its repertoire. This app not only lets you share pictures, but it also lets you share a lot of emojis at the same time.

Previously Active
You will need to manually set the latest activity to wish to show if you do not want your most recent activity to be displayed to those on your contact list. After you have done so, your friends will only receive the time that you have manually set as your most recent active status.

Dual Privileges/Status

With the help of this application, you may extend the duration of your status updates by twice as much as they would normally be. You won’t be restricted to share your status every 30 seconds, but you’ll have twice as much time to do so.


Golden is the most common color scheme in this show, which makes sense since it’s called “Golden.” Therefore, the color of the icon for this application, which is golden, is appealing and eye-catching.


When it comes to our judgment, we will never advise you to download the modded version of any social media application, so please don’t bother asking. Because it is said that it is never safe to install the modded version, regardless of how much additional protection the modded application may provide, and despite the fact that this may be the case.

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