Review of Adobe Photoshop Elements for 2023

With a price tag of $99.99 (or £86.56), Photoshop Elements isn’t the cheapest photo editor for the Mac, but it offers excellent value for the money because it leverages the same technology found in the professional version of Photoshop to give you access to robust tools for editing your photos and adding creative effects.

Be aware, though, that the Mac App Store is still offering the 2022 version of Photoshop Elements, so you should definitely get the newest 2023 upgrade straight from Adobe right now (especially if you’re in the UK, where doing so will save you money). Adobe now sells a package that includes both Photoshop and Premiere Elements for video editing. It costs $149.99/£130.36.

The popularity of Photoshop Elements may be attributed to the fact that it provides users with both robust editing capabilities and a straightforward interface. By using artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that Adobe calls Sensei, the 2022 edition of Adobe (released in 2021) may now automatically complete editing jobs that could previously have taken the user several hours.

The program has long offered many filter effects that can transform images into paintings using mediums like oil paints or watercolors, but Sensei launched a new set of creative effects that attempt to emulate a wide range of well-known artistic movements.

These aren’t always successful, and I’m sure Vincent Van Gogh is turning in his grave, but they’re still entertaining to try out. The aesthetic effect can be used on the whole picture or just on the foreground or background. This is a great way to draw attention to certain parts of the picture.

If your creative goals are more modest, you may add some simple animated effects to your images using something called Overlays, such as falling snowflakes or flickering flames, and then save the result as a short video clip to share on social media.

Guided Edits are one of the most important parts of Photoshop Elements because they show you how to use the program’s most powerful tools. In the 2021 update, the ability to change a photo’s aspect ratio by stretching the background was a very useful addition to Guided Edit.

You can clone a section of a photo with an appealing background—say, a beach or some leafy trees—and use it to extend the background, making, for example, a square photo into a wider landscape shot or extending a sunny blue sky higher for an upright portrait shot, both of which are useful for sharing on social media.

And since a social media profile isn’t complete without cute pictures of the family pet, Adobe Photoshop Elements has a mode called “Guided Edit” that is just for working with pictures of animals. You may add a slight vignette effect to a shot, change the lighting and color, and focus on either your pet or the backdrop. Additionally, you may choose to have any imperfections, such as mud or grime, erased, and the brightness of the pet’s eyes reduced.

Photoshop Elements 2023 is the latest version that uses the AI assistant Sensei, which came out in September 2022. You may now add moving overlays to only a selected area of a photo, or even move an individual frame inside a shot. To make an image more dynamic and eye-catching, you can choose a specific area and animate it, such as a waterfall or the horse’s mane. The program’s selection features allow you to isolate either the foreground or background of a picture and a simple line may be drawn to illustrate the path of motion (so the waterfall flows down, rather than upwards).

You can try out the animation effect and change settings like the speed of movement before exporting the animated picture file as an MP4 video clip or an animated GIF.

New tools for editing the sky, adding overlays, and replacing the backdrop picture may all be found in the Guided Edits portion of the software. We’re also glad to report that the new search feature makes it easy to find the specific guided edits you’re looking for by simply entering terms like “crop” or “sky” into the search bar.

New mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web app that runs in any browser, will also soon be available as part of the Connected Experience. You may use the mobile applications to upload media from your phone or tablet, and you’ll get 2 GB of free cloud space to keep everything in. The desktop versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements make it easy to import these files and begin to work on editing immediately.

The web software performs the same functions as the desktop versions, and it also offers some basic capabilities for easily making slideshows and collages. The web app is now in public beta, and an iOS beta is expected by year’s end.

Photoshop Elements 2023 will be 45 percent faster on Macs with M1 or M2 processors, according to Adobe, which may be the best new feature in Photoshop Elements 2023.

You can try the newest version for 30 days without risk before deciding whether or not to buy it or upgrade from your current version.


The AI capabilities have breathed fresh life into the software and reinforced Photoshop Elements’ status as one of the top photo editors for amateur photographers, both of which had begun to appear like they were running out of ideas in recent years’ yearly improvements.

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