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It is true that there are many different versions of WhatsApp Plus, but only a select few of them appeal to women. What women want most is a feminine version of WhatsApp Plus with pink themes. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most well-known versions of WhatsApp Plus, which is known as Pink WhatsApp. Here, you can download WhatsApp pink apk 2022. OB2WhatsApp is the localized version of the WhatsApp Pink app.
When it comes to the official version of WhatsApp, users are still confronted with certain limitations in that environment. Faces include restrictions on things like the selection of photographs and videos, the duration of films, and the size of documents. Therefore, if you are looking for a WhatsApp messenger program that will not force you to deal with all of these limits while also offering you more new features, then you should give Pink WhatsApp a shot at least once.

It is nearly impossible to present a succinct summary of the convenience and capabilities offered by this program here. Nevertheless, we have made an attempt to describe all of the available tools and features of this application below.

What Is WhatsApp Pink?

The well-known developer Omar Batheeb made this version of WhatsApp, which is called WhatsApp Pink or OB2WhatsApp. It was made to appeal to female users, as shown by the pink themes and cute interfaces. However, it coexists with regular WhatsApp but uses a different phone number.

Additional Information

The OB2WhatsApp Pink app functions normally alongside the standard version of WhatsApp, but it uses a different phone number.

Versionv 38
Requirement Android2.3 and above
Developed By Omar Badeeb
Released on13 Nov 2022
Size63 MB
Get it onPlay Store

OB2WhatsApp is a duplicate of numerous copies of OBWhatsApp or Omar WhatsApp; here is some information about them for you to familiarise yourself with: Get OBWhatsApp by downloading it. There are four copies total, one each in the colors Blue, Green, Burgundy, and Pink.

Download Pink Whatsapp File

It is necessary for you to enable downloads from unknown resources if this is your first time downloading WhatsApp. If this is your first time downloading WhatsApp pink, click here. To install the app, go to the Settings menu, select Biometrics and security, and then select Install unknown apps.

After that, you’ll be able to download the most recent version of WhatsApp pink.

Features of Whatsapp Pink

We have listed some of the most notable features that are included in this version of WhatsApp below for your convenience.

File Format

Send any file you want, in any format you choose. That means you can exchange files of any kind, including mp4, mp3, or dc, without having to worry about the size or length of the file you are sharing.

Pink Users of WhatsApp can share files and documents with each other, no matter how big they are. Therefore, you will not be restricted by the size of the file.

When using the original version of WhatsApp or certain modified versions of WhatsApp, you are restricted to just sharing videos that are a few megabytes in size; however, with this WhatsApp, you have the ability to expand the length of the films that you won’t share.


Control over one’s own privacy has never before been as reliable as it is with WhatsApp. Choose the level and kind of discretion you wish to apply to the privacy settings of your application so that it can function properly.

That means you will not be required to download any additional source of security from the internet in order to encrypt your application.

Your program will provide you with a large variety of different security options, such as a lock pattern, a numeric key lock, and so on.

In addition to this, if the fingerprint security feature is supported by your phone, you can manually enable it for your WhatsApp account by accessing the settings for that app.

TK Whatsapp feature image

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Modify the user interface by altering aspects such as the color scheme, the notification area color, and so on. There is a possibility that some of you are under the impression that the background of this program would just be pink as the default color.

However, this is only a myth, and although the color of the application is pink by default, you can manually alter it from the option if you so choose. The background of your application can be changed to any solid color or picture that you like.

The appearance of the font

Altering the color of the fonts and how they appear is also possible within the application, in addition to switching between different themes.

You have the option of switching from the standard font to the bubble-on font, or you may change the color of the font from black to any color you wish that is compatible with the background.

Download Current Status

You can do a direct download of your friends’ status updates and posts. You will require a third-party program, just like with the official WhatsApp, if you want to get the status updates that your friends have uploaded.

Additionally, there are times when the applications that are loaded for the purpose of downloading one’s status are not secure enough for your mobile device. You won’t need to deal with the hassle of installing a third-party program if you use pink WhatsApp because the status can be installed straight from the app itself.

Copy Text You can directly copy the text from the status updates of your friends and then paste it wherever you want on your mobile device. Copy Text Directly Copy the Text

This is one of the more clever aspects of this program because there are very few modded WhatsApp applications that allow you to do a direct copy of text status.

Hide Message

Put a cover over the chats on the main screen. Alternatively, you can specify the password. This means that if someone opens the message from the home menu of WhatsApp, they will also be required to enter the password that you set up beforehand.

Also, keep in mind that the password for the program and the password for the chat will not be the same; therefore, you do not need to be concerned that you will need to remember two distinct passwords.

Send Large Files

As most of us are aware, the maximum file size that can be sent using the first version of WhatsApp is only 16 megabytes. Using the first version of WhatsApp, you are unable to communicate files of significant size. When compared to the previous version of WhatsApp, the newer version of this program enables users to transmit significantly larger attachments.

Review of the Pink WhatsApp app by

Due to the fact that we have already provided a large number of different WhatsApp modifications, such as GB Whatsapp Lite and Whatsapp Plus 14, etc. The game’s mods and downloadable content are all operational. The reason for this is that performs manual checks on each and every apk that they host in order to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


Because of its captivating user interface, we believe that this application is the best option for you to take into consideration while making your selection.

Despite the fact that this application contains nearly all of the functions that are available on any modded version of WhatsApp, the thing that truly sets it apart as an application that is well worth downloading is its stunning user interface.

The one-of-a-kindness of this application’s user interface is something that has garnered widespread praise from those who have already utilized it.

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