The company said that the Letv S1 Pro will soon be sold in China. The Huben T7510 System-on-Chip (SoC) will be at the heart of this cheap 5G phone, and it is said to have performance on par with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 chipset. The most interesting thing about this device, though, is how much it looks like the iPhone 14 Pro. The Letv S1 Pro seems to have a lot in common with the iPhone 14 Pro, including the fact that it has three cameras on the back.

Letv announced on Weibo on Wednesday that the Letv S1 Pro would soon be for sale in China. It will have a Huben T7510 SoC and be a 5G phone with a reasonable price. The company has not yet said when the phone will be available, how much it will cost, or what features it will have.

Letv S1 Pro with iPhone 14 Pro-Like Design, Huben T7510 SoC

At least in terms of appearance, the Letv S1 Pro, which was just announced, looks a lot like the iPhone 14 Pro. The way its cameras are set up on the back is very similar to that of the Apple iPhone. The pill-shaped cutout on the front of this phone is another thing that makes it stand out. But it’s not clear if the Letv S1 Pro will have anything like the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The Letv Y1 Pro+ has an LCD screen that is 6.5 inches wide and has a resolution of 1,280 by 1,440. Like the iPhone 13, the front of the device has a notch for the front-facing camera. The 8-megapixel sensor is also set up on the back in a square module. The back of this phone has two cameras, just like the back of the iPhone 13.

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